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Rose Peak Hike From Sunol

Peak bag the jewel of Ohlone Wilderness, Rose Peak (3,817 ft.), in one day.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17.8 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Rose Peak (3,817 ft.), the highest peak in Alameda county, is remotely located in Ohlone Wilderness and can only be accessed by foot... more »

Tips:  1. Please be sure to bring enough water. All water sources along the trail are untreated and thus water filter is recommended.
2.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead, SO40 (400 ft.)

The trailhead is located at the parking lot near the end of Geary Road after entering Sunol Regional Park. You will find a gate (trial post, SO40) at the end of the road. Enter the gate and hike 2.0 miles on Camp Ohlone Road, pass Litte Yosemite and the W tree, until you encounter the trail post, SO44.

2. SO44 (785 ft.)

Turn LEFT at SO44 to hike on Backpack Road for 0.58 miles until you encounter OT19.

3. OT19 (1,160 ft.)

Turn RIGHT at OT19 to enter the gate. From here, you should stay on Ohlone Wilderness Trail (OWT) until you reach Rose Peak. After entering the gate, you will encounter a steep slope right away. Once you get to the top of the slope, you arrive at Sunol Backpack Camping Area. Continue following the trail, pass rest room and water source, and you... More

4. OT20 (2,190 ft.)

Go STRAIGHT at OT20 and continue hiking on OWT for 0.2 miles until you encounter OT21. You will find Goat Rock in the distance on your right.

5. OT21 (2,340 ft.)

Turn RIGHT at OT21 and continue hiking on OWT for 0.36 miles until you encounter OT22.

6. OT22 (2,410 ft.)

Go STRAIGHT at OT22 and continue hiking on OWT for 1.24 miles until you encounter OT23. The rock at the junction on your right is called Telles Rock

7. OT23 (2,670 ft.)

Turn LEFT at OT23 and continue hiking on OWT for 0.34 miles until you encounter OT24.

8. OT24 (2,850 ft.)

At OT24, turn RIGHT to enter the gate and continue hiking on OWT for 0.25 miles until you encounter OT25.

9. OT25 (2,930 ft.)

Turn LEFT at OT25 to continue hiking on OWT. Keep going straigt will lead you to a private property which is not allowed to trespass. After turning left, you hike downhill until you encounter the south fork of Indian Creek at the bottom. You will then hike uphill until you encounter OT26. The distance between OT25 and OT26 is 1.23 miles.

10. OT26 (3,380 ft.)

Go STRAIGHT at OT26 and continue hiking on OWT for 0.42 miles until you encounter OT27. If you need water provision or use the rest room, turn left here for Doe Canyon Horse Camp which is 0.16 miles away.

11. OT27 (3,510 ft.)

Go STRAIGHT at OT27 and continue hiking on OWT for 0.16 miles until you encounter OT28. Turning right at SO27 will lead you to a private property which is not allowed to trespass.

12. OT28 (3,560 ft.)

Go STRAIGHT at OT28 for Rose Peak and continue hiking on OWT for 0.22 miles until you encounter the next junction where you notice a side trail on the left. Hike up the side trail and, in a few hundred feet, you arrive at Rose Peak. If you need water provision or use the rest room, turn left at OT28 for Maggie's Half Acre which is 0.2 miles away.

13. Rose Peak (3,817 ft.)

There is no landmark on Rose Peak but you can find a log canister there to log your hike. On top of the peak, you have great views on the bay area as well as Mt. Diablo. When you decide to return, just take the same way back to the trialhead.