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Fairy Falls & Dry Creek Loop

4.9 mile trail near Marysville, Wheatland, Beal, and Grass Valley, California
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 4.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Fairy Falls & Dry Creek Loop Trail is about 4.9 miles long. It is located near Beale Air Force Base and Grass Valley,... more »

Tips:  Moderately Easy route due to trail length and some very minor rock scrambling toward the end of the loop.

Note: This is a totally... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head - The Route Begins at the Old Bridge

1. Park in the dirt parking lot.
2. Make sure you have plenty of water
3. The trek begins as you cross the old bridge.

2. Turn Right (East) at T After Crossing the Bridge

Turn right at the T intersection after crossing the bridge. After a few more seconds you'll head over two more small bridges crossing a small tributary creek. Continue up the road.

3. Stay Left at the Fork in the Road

The route continues up the road at this junction.

Note: Do not take the trail to the right. This is the return route. You will be taking this trail on the way back from dry creek and the waterfalls.

4. Turn Right at this Junction

Turn right at the small route marker sign and follow the road towards the gate under some trees.

5. Close the "Hiker's Gate" Behind You

After the route turns right, you'll come to a gate. Walk through the "hiker's gate". Make sure you close the gate completely after passing through to keep the ranch's cattle from escaping.

6. Continue on the straight road through the open meadow

7. Take the "Short-Cut" Foot Trail

As the road curves left veer slightly to the right onto the well-worn "official" trail instead of staying on the road. Follow the trail downhill across the meadow until you reach the road again.

8. Take the Upper Falls Trail (left fork of foot trail)

The Upper Falls Trail is better maintained and affords much better views. It is also the most efficient route to the falls.

9. Upper Fairy Falls

1. Look over the edge at the falls.
2. Look just upstream a few feet to see the small waterfall directy above Upper Fairy Falls
3. Follow along the top of the cliff above huge Upper Fairy Falls hollow for more great views.

10. Alternate Spur Trail is Very Rocky and Steep

Adventuresome hiker's can make their way down the a steep rocky ravine to the base of the hollow. Be very careful, this route can be treacherous, but the views from the bottom are beautiful.

11. Continue Downstream Along the Clifftop Trail to Lower Fairy Falls

Follow the clifftop trail to Lower Fairy Falls. To get a good view of the falls requires a small amount of very minor rock scrambling. Just listen for the sound of the waterfall as it crashes over the rocks into the lower hollow below.

12. Lower Fairy Falls

It is difficult to get a really good view of this waterfall, but it not impossible. It may take a little courage to walk out on the rugged rock cliffs near the waterfall.

13. Continue Downstream to Swimming Hole and More Rapids

14. Head East on Wide Dirt Road to Begin Return Trip

To complete this loop route, get on the wide dirt road heading east (slight left as you leave the creek bank)

Follow the dirt road for about 0.4 miles.

15. Veer Left onto Trail when Road Makes Right Turn

As you approach a right turn in the road, veer left onto the foot trail that continues to parallel the creek.

This trail is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled to the left side of the road as you approach the right turn in the road.

16. Turn Southwest onto Spenceville Rd. (merge left onto wide dirt road)

Merge left onto the wide dirt road (Spenceville Rd.). From this point on you will be retracing your steps for about 0.4 mile to the trail head.