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Black Oak Picnic Area to Jamajab Point

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This trail navigates around the southeastern wing of Silverwood in Miller Canyon. Most of the trail is on paved trails, with a few... more »

Tips:  Location-Directions:

Latitude: 34.280526
Longitude: -117.334971

The park is located via Highway 138, 11 miles east of I-15; or 20... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Area and finding the Trailhead

The first thing to do is make your way to the southwestern corner of Silverwood Lake on HWY 138.

Take the Cleghorn Road off-ramp and head west toward the lake. Turn on this app and let your GPS guide you to this point.

Turn onto Sawpit Canyon Road and make your way to the Black Oak Day-Use Area. It's hard to miss, It is also the access road to... More

2. Path and locating the trail head

Follow the short footpath or road uphill to a service road just behind the restrooms and below the water tanks.

The trail head is a gated access road just downhill from the tanks themselves. It will end down by the lake at the outflow structure.

3. Gate Location

Trail Head Gate.

4. View

A view overlooking the DWR Facility and water project outlets into Silverwood Lake.

5. POI

DWR Facility-Outlets.

6. Trail Head

A paved path leads off the road and is the start of the hike. After crossing a short bridge the trail heads around a hill and into tree cover.

Immediately, short vistas of the lake appear through trees and it becomes a great way to scout hidden spots to anchor the boat and fish. There will be periodic access trails to the water as well.

7. Side Trail-Beach

The access trail down to one of the nicer beaches on this side of the lake.

The point directly across the lake will be Jamajab Point, our destination.

8. View and a Bench


9. Vista Point

Another sweeping view of this portion of the lake.

10. Bridge Crossing

A bridge crossing over an unnamed creek. Out on the lake from about this point to the small peninsula across the lake falls into a "No Power Boat Zone." The line's marked by buoys.

There should also be a dock offshore with a small building. It's a boater's outhouse, should you need to know!

11. East Fork Mojave River

Crossing at the East Fork of the Mojave River.

Fishing both up and down stream.

12. Junction

The trail ends at Dart Canyon Road. From here the path follows the road west along the shoreline.

This road, according to the park map, is open to vehicles and we’ll encounter several small parking areas on this next leg. As of this writing it appears the road is closed to traffic (along with the Miller Group Area.

Much of the trail will be in... More

13. Vista and Cove

Down in the cove is the largest "beach" on this side of the lake. Small but accessible.

You'll notice as you progress down the trail a number of slides encroaching onto the road and trail out to Serrano Beach and Jamajab Point. Further up the trail, old fire damage to fencing that hasn't been repaired over the years.

14. Bridge and Serrano Beach Picnic Area

Serrano Beach picnic area has been developed nicely with shaded picnicking, BBQ pits, restroom, and a boat dock.

15. Point and Vista

Rounding the point are some of the best views on this part of the lake.

16. View

As the trail winds around the hillside and point some of the best views on this side of the lake open up.

Years ago a brush fire also came through, evidenced by the burned and damaged fencing along the trail. Also in a number of locations the trail has been both undercut and partially buried by slides, erosion damages from the loss of underbrush... More

17. End of Road

The road fades away at this point becoming a single track trail.

18. Side trail to cove and small beach

A small intimate beach.

19. Jamajab Point

Jamajab Point overlook.

Unofficial trails continue beyond this point.

20. Return to Black Oak Day Use Area

Black Oak Trail Head return.