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Rock/Creek River Gorge 6.5 Mile a Trail Race

The shorter version of the Rock/Creek River Gorge Trail Race.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a 6.5 mile course along the Cumberland Trail in Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area just outside of Chattanooga, TN. The ... more »

Tips:  Check the Prentice Cooper website for hunting dates. During those times the area is closed. Carry water, tell someone where you are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead Parking Lot

The parking lot for the trailhead is 3 miles down Game Reserve Road on the right. There is a wooden kiosk, picnic table and primitive outhouse. The trailhead within the lot is the end of Mullen's Cove Loop a 10 mile loop which is technical and strenuous in places. Your Trailhead is across the gravel road.

2. Trailhead

Cross the gravel road towards the grassy area and you will see the trailhead. The trail begins with a nice downhill section leading to Indian Rockhouse. If you do nothing else, walk down to Indian Rockhouse and take a look the stairs and rock formation it is worth your time. Remember to follow the white blazes while on the Cumberland Trail.

3. Cross ATV trail

After a few minutes the trail crosses a dirt road. On raceday the course brings you on from the right and this point begins the single-track.

4. Indian Rockhouse

The path narrows to shoulder width in between this natural gap in the rocks creating a pathway to the bottom. Careful on the steps they are neither level nor evenly spaced. Once at the bottom you are will see a the a sign. To the left is Hwy 27, Suck Creek Road, and to the right is Snooper's Rock, your destination.

5. Creek Crossing

After a short hike you will cross a small creek, one of several on the trail. It had rained during the night, and would again later that day, so there was water aplenty. Careful when crossing stream the rocks are usually pretty slippery.

6. CT Trail Shots

The Cumberland Trail is very rocky along the River Gorge and the are all sorts of boulders and formations to explore and view. There are plenty of trip hazards so be careful when running, a moment's inattention will have you sprawled out on the trail.

7. Rock Ledge

One of the more interesting features along the course is a rocky ledge. There is a set of stone steps which leads you up and around to the top where you are treated to a nice view of the trail below. On the day I was out there was still evidence of a primitive fire where someone had camped.

8. CT Big Creek

Your next key feature is when you arrive at a perennial creek. This is different than the other smaller water crossings because of the trees. Kinda can't miss the difference.

9. Creek Rocks

I love the water crossings along this route. There just seems to be character with each one. The rocks, the water pools, the plantlife, each one is unique. It makes the route much more interesting when there is water. Also, at water crossings where you make a decided turn there is usually a tree with a double white blaze to indicate a turn or a... More

10. Along Creek

After crossing the creek the trail runs for a couple of hundred yards. This portion of the trail is cooler and you'll notice a change in the trees. The gurgling or running water is a nice sound also.

11. Tricky Intersection

If there is a mistake to be made this is the spot. There is a gap in 2 trees with a trail going uphill. That is the wrong turn. You will come back that way later. Keep going and look for white blazes. Your turn is a mere 10-20 yards further and has a wooden sign and 3 sets of white blazes on the trees. The course is well marked on raceday, but... More

12. Trail to Snoopers

In sections you will notice flat stones laid on the path like pavers and then other sections along a steep embankment where the trail narrows and fooring can be tricky.

13. Snooper's Rock

Snooper's Rock a local landmark and it is worth taking a few minutes to enjoy the view. The Tennessee River Gorge can be seen from a myriad of points and each offers a unique perspective. I never tire of taking in all the scenery and am thankful for the preservation efforts to keep it undeveloped.

14. Off CT and onto ATV road

After Snooper's the CT crosses a parking area. Turn right and follow road paralleling the CT back to the creek. The other road leading uphill takes you out to Game Reserve Road. On raceday there is an aid station at this spot and course markings.

15. ATV Trail

The race is held in March and that means rain. The road is wide and has some gravel, but it also has some clay and slippery sections.

16. Turn off ATV road

This turn can be tricky. I missed it and had to come back. You will head up a very steep hill. There will be a large set of boulders on left. Just after passing them begin to look for a trail on right. The road turns left and the canopy opens up. There is a tree with a silver metal sign nailed to it just off roadway. Turn right. The day I was out ... More

17. Final Trail

Once off the ATV trail there is a steep downhill to start and then the trail rolls over a couple of hills and into small valleys before depositing you back onto the Cumberland Trail near the creek at what I called the Tricky Intersection earlier. Take a left onto the CT going upstream and head back to Indian Rockhouse and the trailhead.