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Big Daddy

A great 10 mile single track workout on Lookout Mountain.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 10.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Big Daddy is a route involving 7 trails on Lookout Mountain and together these offer a tour of what makes Chattanooga a great trail... more »

Tips:  Carry water and study the route. There is a very detailed map of all Lookout Mountain available on the Wild Trails website. Be... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Craven's House

This historical Civil War era home has several monuments and plaques the most prominent of which is the Ireland's New York Brigade constructed in 1896.

2. Craven's and Rifle Pits Trails

This is the end of Craven's Trail on your left and the start of Rifle Pits is on the right or straight ahead.

3. Lower Gum at TT

Once on the Upper Truck Trail proceed .15 miles and there will be a trail on your right. This is called Lower Gum Springs. Take the right and head for Skyuka Springs Trail.

4. John Smartt

The Skyuka Trail ends at the John Smartt Trail. Get ready to climb! A left turn and you've got 2 miles of thigh burning deep breathing ahead. You are now in Georgia.

5. Jackson Gap Trail

Near the top of the John Smartt Trail you pass the turn off for Jackson Gap on your right. This trail leads to Covenant College and Jackson Springs where there is a lake. The trail continues across Covenant College onto Lula Lake, Longbranch, High Point, and the 5 Points Mountain Bike Trail area. Eventually the trail will connect Cloudland Canyon ... More

6. Bluff Trail

The Bluff Trail a great hike or run. There are numerous rock outcroppings and features to look at. Take your time and enjoy the terrain.

7. More Bluff

The trail twists and winds back into Tennessee and you know you are close to civilization when you cross this metal-grated bridge with concrete steps. Be careful along the trail, there are areas of washout and very narrow single track with no barrier between you and a long dropoff to your left.

8. Bluff Again

Be sure to enjoy the views of Lookout Valley. Closer to the end of the trail you begin to see more safety signs and cable barriers on the cliffs. Again, be careful especially with children.

9. Bluff at Gum Springs

The first chance to go back down the mountain is Gum Springs Trail. It is a sharp drop to your left. Right now it is marked with wooden sign on the tree but there have been better signs in the past. Stay right and go slightly upward. Another interesting sight along this section of trail is the rock climbers. They are out most weekends and you can ... More

10. Sunset Rock

You will see signs for Sunset Rock in a couple of places. This is a fantastic place to sit and gaze out upon Lookout Valley and the surrounding mountains. You will probably see rock climbers along this section of trail.

11. Craven's at Bluff

Finally you arrive at a wooden kiosk and a sign for Craven's and Point Park. Head downward at this point to Craven's House. You can extend your run or hike around the bend of the mountain using Mountain Beautiful Trail and will be treated to a magnificent view of downtown Chattanooga. The trail winds back down and deposits you on the Hardy Trail. ... More