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Inspiration Loop Trail

Will Rogers SHP

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Rating: 2 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Inspiration Loop Trail provides a great opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and quickly escape into the... more »

Tips:  Park Information:
Will Rogers SHP
1501 Will Rogers Park Road
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Will Rogers... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Area

There is plenty of parking available. Overflow parking south of Polo Field.

2. Trailhead

Take the tree-lined paved service road to the right of the ranch House Lawn up the eastern side of the golf green. Head to the "T" intersection.

3. Intersection

Arrive at the Riding Arena and Stables. Head westerly to the end of the arena and keep an eye open for a trail head and the Inspiration Loop Trail.

The initial walk is fairly shaded and forested.

4. Inspiration Loop Trail

The Inspiration Loop Trail is a mixed use service road that heads around and up the hill. It will start a moderate upgrade.

Vegetation will open up and start providing views into the surrounding properties. The trail is very popular with locals.

5. View Point

A view point and bench looking across the gully below.

6. View Point

Rounding the chaparral-covered hill and continuing a moderate upgrade, the trail will come to another viewpoint and bench. This viewpoint overlooks a tree-filled canyon and surrounding estates along Marinette Road. Beyond will be glimpses looking out towards the L.A. beaches.

7. Side Trail

A single track side trail heading back toward Ranch House.

8. Side Trail

A portion of the single Track Betty Rogers Trail.

9. Junction

This junction provides access to the Inspiration Point Trail. We'll come back later. Head on the northerly trail down hill to the left.

10. Junction

A trail heading northerly (to the left) deeper into the hills begins as a short downgrade to a large intersection. You’ll encounter two trails. The Backbone Trail is the lower (right hand) trail. The left-hand trail had been closed for vegetation recovery and erosion control.

This trail heads up a canyon. Shortly switchbacks will be encountered... More

11. Ridge and Views

A junction and wide open views overlooking greater Los Angeles. On a clear day one can see beyond downtown Los Angeles and in the distance, the coastline south to the Palos Verdes peninsula.

There's also a trail out along the ridge-line at this point.

Continue along the ridge-top trail deeper into the hills while gaining altitude. Don’t forget... More

12. Bridge

A bridge along the ridge-line where erosion has undercut the trail. Should you desire a little climb, the next hill just up the trail provides truly expansive vistas.

This trail continues a 7 miles and joins into the Topanga Trail system.

We're using the bridge as a popular turning point. Head back down the grade.

13. Return to Junction

Return to junction and WP 10. From here retrace back to the Inspiration Loop Trail, turn southwesterly (right), and head down the hill a short way to the intersection (WP 9) and the trail out to Inspiration Point.

14. Inspiration Point

After heading up a short road Inspiration Point is reached. This spot is outfitted with a bench, picnic table and hitching post.

Broad and sweeping clear-day views can be simply amazing and include: Santa Monica Bay down to Palos Verdes, the metropolis, San Gabriel Mountains, and offshore to Catalina Island.

When done, return to the Inspiration ... More

15. Junction

Pass through the junction and bear right as the road continues northeasterly,around the hill and into the next canyon.

16. Junction

A narrower road will lead back down to the stables and riding area.

A short way down the road is also an additional single-track trail called the Bone Canyon Trail, should you want a shortcut and the ability to stay off more heavily traveled paved surfaces.

17. Park Interpretive Point 12

Park Interpretive Point 12

18. Park Interpretive Point 11

Park Interpretive Point 11

19. Park Interpretive Point 10

Park Interpretive Point 10

20. Park Interpretive Point 9

Park Interpretive Point 9

21. Park Interpretive Point 8

Park Interpretive Point 8

22. Junction

A short cut-off trail to shorten the looping curve ahead. Stay on the main trail which becomes a gentle down-sloping Eucalyptus lined road.

23. Junction

The other end of the cut-off trail.

24. Park Interpretive Point 7

Park Interpretive Point 7

25. Park Interpretive Point 6

Park Interpretive Point 6

26. Park Interpretive Point 3

Park Interpretive Point 3. On the way down the tree-lined road, you’ll get a chance to look down at a portion of the picnic grounds hidden away in a gully at the end of the parking lot.

27. Park Interpretive Point 1

Park Interpretive Point 1

28. Trail Head

Trail Head located adjacent to the maintenance office and the blacksmith barn. This trail head is located off the barn/office parking area.

29. Picnic Grounds

Picnic area with tables and BBQs overlooking the Polo Field and wrapped into a gully around the hill to the east of the Historic Ranch House Lawn.

30. Return to Parking Area