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South Boulder Creek Trail

Follow the beautiful South Boulder Creek past grazing cattle and spot wildlife of all kinds on this marvelous trail.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  It's not easy being a trail on the edge of America's most fit community. You get a lot of use.
But it's not just humans that make this... more »

Tips:  - Dogs are only allowed on the north half of the trail, but not south of South Boulder Road.
- Treat the cows with respect and don't... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bobolink Trailhead

This trailhead is located just off Baseline Road just west of where it intersects with Cherryvale Road. It is a good sized parking lot, but is known to fill up in late afternoons when people get off work and want to explore the South Boulder Creek Trail. It also can fill up on weekends.
By the way, the Bobolink Trailhead is named after the... More

2. Parallel trails

Since this is such a popular trail, the first mile + provides a dual trail system for bikers and hikers. Although either trail can be utilized by either group, most frequently, hikers and dog-walkers use the gravel trail and bikers use the cement trail. This dual-trail system keeps the very popular path much less congested and much friendlier.

3. local access trail junction

What looks like a major trail junction really only accesses a short trail that crosses creek and (currently) doesn't go very far into Boulder.

4. South Boulder Road underpass

Even though this trail intersects two major roads, it goes under each of them offering safe, car-free biking and hiking.

5. No dogs are allowed south of here.

Probably due to the cattle grazing on this portion of the trail, dogs are not allowed on the portion of the trail south of South Boulder Road. Dogs are welcome on the portion of trail from Bobolink trailhead (Baseline Road) to South Boulder Road.

6. U. S. 36 underpass

Most of the people riding on the busy Highway 36 above this path are oblivious to the trail activity below them.

7. on the boardwalk

This boardwalk is crucial for protecting valuable wetlands on the Boulder Open Space.

8. Marshall Road trailhead

This is the southwestern terminus of the trail. Roadside parking is available here, but it is limited.

9. South Boulder Creek

The trail closely follows the creek for most of its length. Dogs particularly enjoy a good romp on the cool water after a warm hike.

10. cattle grazing

Open Space lands are often shared by trail-users and cows. Keep in mind that this land wouldn't be available if it wasn't for agreements between the original land-owners and the open-space managers.
The cows were here before the trail was. Treat the cattle with respect. Do not interact with them or linger around them. Stay away from calves and... More

11. wildlife

This particular trail journey turned into an adventure.
As I was riding my bike, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye turned to see what I thought was two deer running through the field. Then I realized it was an animal chasing a deer. I assumed it was a coyote and continued with my picture-taking and bike riding.
Upon my return trip, I... More