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Halfmoon Gulch 4x4 Trail

Challenging, scenic and fun trail to incredible Champion Mill and Iron Mike Mine.

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 25 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Located between Mount Massive and Mount Elbert, this trail climbs to one of the largest and best-preserved mill structures in Colorado... more »

Tips:  High alpine environment. Climbs near 13,000 feet. Carry plenty of water and warm clothing. Weather can change quickly. To fully... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

Follow Google mapping directions to this large parking lot. Continue south on County Road 11.

2. Road Narrows

You'll pass several fee forest service campgrounds and hiking trails along a very easy wide gravel road. At Mt. Massive Hiking Trailhead the narrows, gets rougher and begins to climb.

3. Driver's Choice

The trail forks here but it is not obvious. Right on 110 goes to Champion Mill. Left downhill through the trees is 110J. This is the more difficult of the two routes. We recommend you do both since both have very interesting things to see. Forest Road 110J has a difficult spot and a very deep water crossing. Forest Road 110 has two water crossings... More

4. Water Crossing

After two water crossings, the second being very long and deep, you'll cross creek a third time as you turn left up a steep rocky difficult spot. This is the hardest spot on the trail.

5. Iron Mike Mine

Road ends at Iron Mike Mine. Great views here at nearly 13,000 feet elevation. Turn around and return to Point #3, where a left takes you to the Champion Mill.

6. Water Crossing

First of two potentially deep water crossing depending on time of year. Early summer runoff brings the deepest water, especially during rainy periods.

7. Road on Left goes to Champion Mine

Continue straight here to see the incredible Champion Mill. You'll soon come to a gate. If it is open you can continue short distance to the Mill. If closed, it's just a short hike. The road to the Champion Mine is private land and not a legal forest road, although gate is sometimes open.

8. Champion Mill

One of the best perserved mills in Colorado. Lots to see inside and out. Great pictures and history.