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Salmon River ATV Loop

Scenic route from Corduroy Campground to the Carey Creek Trail to the Salmon River and returning on the French Creek Rd.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 62.2 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is an ATV loop because a full size vehicle can't travel the Carey Creek Trail. Automobiles can make the trip to Carey Dome... more »

Tips:  Depending on the seasons' snowfall, the trails are usually clear by July and open through September, sometimes a little longer. It... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Corduroy Campground

Corduroy Campground is part of the Lake Creek Dispersed Camping area in the Payette National Forest near Burgdorf, Idaho. It overlooks Lake Creek and its meadow.

It is a no fee campground, has 9 sites suitable for RVs, a vault toilet, and fire rings. Several of the sites are designed for groups. There is no potable water.

Strong metal horse... More

2. Carey Dome Fire Lookout

This lookout stands at 7640' elevation and overlooks the River of No Return and Gospel Hump Wildernesses.

There are great views of the surrounding area. The fire lookout on duty may allow you to climb the tower for even better views.

There is an outhouse here.

3. Junction Carey Creek Trail

Natl Forest Develop Road 318 changes into the Carey Creek ATV Trail at this point. It is closed to full sized vehicles.

The main road continues to the east here and eventually dead ends at Bear Lake.

4. Outfitter's Camp

This site is normally vacant until late fall when hunting seasons start.

5. Scenic Vista

At 3800' elevation, there is a great view of the River of No Return and Gospel Hump Wildernesses here.

Some of the trails across the river lead into the Gospel Hump.

6. Carey Creek Trail Head

Natl Forest Develop Road 103 Rd and Natl Forest Develop Road 318 Rd (Carey Creek Trail) intersect here.

There are vault toilets here.

7. Wind River Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is just downriver and almost under the Wind River Bridge.

8. Wind River Pack Bridge

This bridge over the Salmon River is open to foot, horse, bicycle, and dirt bike traffic.

The trails split on the north side of the river and bicycle and dirt bikes take the trail to the west that skirts the Gospel Hump Wilderness area.

9. Wind River

The Wind River enters the Salmon River at this point, just east of the pack bridge.

10. Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp

This is a major boat ramp on the Salmon River with heavy use by both river rafts and jet boats.

There are vault toilets here.

11. French Creek Bridge

The main road crosses this bridge heading west, but you need to continue south at this point on the French Creek Road.

12. French Creek Road Switchbacks

Long switchbacks on the mountain side.

13. Edmundson Cabin

At 5280'elevation, this was a rest/overnight stop for the heavy freight wagons hauling supplies and equipment to the gold mines on the Salmon River near Burgdorf, Idaho.

The supplies were hauled up the Salmon River by river boats and unloaded to the wagons.

14. Freight Landing Trail Head

At this point freight wagons, originating from the river boats on the Salmon River, were unloaded and supplies were transferred to the individual wagons from the different gold mines in the area.

Today this is a trail head for a trail heading south all the way to Squaw Meadows. The Pete Creek and Nethker Creek Trails intersect this trail.