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Lynn Heritage State Park to Nahant Bike Tour

Use this guide to explore the smallest town in New England
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 36 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide starts you off in at the Lynn Heritage State Park and Lynn Museum and takes you out to Nahant to explore the smallest town ... more »

Tips:  Take Route 1 north from Boston to Lynn. Turn left onto Market Street and then right onto Broad Street. Take Broad to Union Street ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Lynn Heritage Park Visitor Center & Museum

In this area you will find parking as well as the visitor center and Lynn Museum & Historical Society. If you have time stop in to visit these places to check out the history of the area. From here make your across Broad Street to the sidewalk along the North Shore Community College campus. Follow this towards the ocean and head east on the... More

2. Onward to Nahant

At this roundabout head across the street to the beach side of the Nahant Road. Follow the paved bikeway along the Nahant Beach Shore Reserve for several miles out to Nahant. If it's a hot summer day you will see a lot of people on the beach and perhaps some wind surfers as the wind is perfect for that sport here.

3. Take a right onto Castle Road

Follow this road arond the western end of Nahant towards Lewis Cove.

4. Road Junction

Take a left on Gardner road then a quick right onto Trimountain Road towards the ocean.

5. Lewis Cove

Take the time to head down to the beach and look around for a cave in the cliffside rocks. When you are done head on up and take the short loop walk out to the point of land for different views. When you are ready follow Bass Point Road to it's end and follwo the gravel path east down toward the beach below Bailey's HIll Park to the east in... More

6. Fort Ruckman

Take the time to check out this historic U.S. Coastguard Artillery Fort within Bailey HIll Park. There will be trails up to it to check it out. When done exploring the area and the Bear Pond historical area continue east along Willow Road. You will follow Willow Road along the coast around Dorothy Cove all the way until it turns into Cliff... More

7. Vernon Street

Take a right onto Vernon Street.

8. Swallow Cave Road

Take a left onto Swallow Cave Road.

9. Northeastern University Marine Center East Point

Take the time to explore the viewpoints from this area and take the loop trail. You will see interpretive signs of the area. For more information about this area and the research that goes on please see the link to the Marine Science Center website in the description portion of this guide. From here you will simply follow Nahant road back to... More

10. Bike back on Beach?

I put a question mark here because it depends on conditions and how busy the beach is. On a hot summer day it may be too busy for this but in the fall or early spring it is a great option. The sand in between the loose sand and the splashing waves is actually pretty hard and can easily support mountain bike tires. This is a neat way to return... More