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Mt. Tecumseh

This is a fun late spring ascent with a possible ski descent down the Waterville Valley Ski Resort
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  This is a very short climb up to a peak that is barely over 4,000 feet but ends with a really fast descent via the optional Waterville... more »

Tips:  Waterville Valley Ski Resort
Take the exit for Route 49/Waterville Valley from I-93 and follow 49 through the town of Campton taking a... more »

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Points of Interest

Start here and head towards the Northwest corner of the lot and look for the Tecumseh trail heading off into the woods. This will be your way up. Alternatively if you have ski boots on or skins on backcountry skis I would suggest skinning up the ski trails if the resort is already closed.

2. Tecumseh Summit

A wooded summit at 4,003 feet with a few views to the east. You'll actually have the best views from the top of the resort due to the open ski trails.

3. Continue along ridge

Instead of heading back down the trail you came keep heading along a footpath through the woods on the ridge to reach the top of the ski resort for a fun descent.

4. Ski Descent

Hopefully you brought along your skis. If you came up this way then just grab them from the woods where you stashed them and click in for a very fast descent back to your car to save your knees! You'll have one more look back at the summit from here as well before you descend.