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Banks to Vernonia Bike Path

Thanks to the rails to trails program this 21 mile trail became the first linear state park in Oregon.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 21 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This paved path with its minimal elevation change is a great choice for the whole family for a sunny day bike ride or walk. If you... more »

Tips:  Trailhead Parking:
There is trailhead parking at the south end of the trail at the corner of Banks Road and NW Sellers Road. There is... more »

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Points of Interest

1. South End Parking

Park here. There are restrooms and an interpretive sign about the trail.

2. Vernonia Lake City Park

This is a little further than the actual Banks-Vernonia north end point but it is a great place to go birding and look for wildlife so I wanted to include this in the guide. There is a path that runs around the lake if you are interested for a little extra work. There is parking here too. If you shuttled a car or are getting picked up this is... More