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Table Mountain Ski Tour

Skiing the North Face of Table Mountain in the Mt. Baker Wilderness
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 3.4 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  The Table Mountain Tour is a great summer backcountry ski tour that can be done most years through early to mid-July. The high point ... more »

Tips:  This tour has a moderate amount of exposure in the midsection of the climb so crampons are advised during the climb. Because of this ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Tour

Begin the tour from the Mt. Baker ski area upper parking and head south toward the Bagley lakes basin. Then turn SW, traversing the lower slope of the north face of Table Mountain. In stable conditions, you may traverse right along the base of the north slope however if there has been recent snow, avoid placing yourself the avalanche zones that... More

2. Bagley Lakes Basin

Once you have reached the center of the basin at the elbow of the mountain, pack your skies and boot up the steep face, taking care to follow a route that will not expose you to a dangerous fall. After climbing up 1000 ft from the basin, you’ll find the first bench, marking the end of the steepest climb.

3. First Bench

Again, do NOT bring your dog on this tour. During the summer, dogs cannot maintain traction on this face. From the first bench, continue SW up a narrow chute to the second bench.

4. Second Bench

This bench opens into a high basin, complete with an ice-blue lake, often just melted out in early July.
From the second bench, it is a short climb to the saddle which is your destination.

In some years, you may climb the wall to the south to reach the southern Table Mtn. Plateau, but cornices often prevent this short extension of the climb.

From the saddle, turn to the East and NE to descend following your uptrack. Remember to bear right on the descent, especially on the lower first bench. Failure to move far enough... More

6. Bagley Lakes Runout

Once at the basin, boot back up again to the top of the last long run and repeat as desired. These 40 degree runs often have great corn snow in the early summer and are worth repeating.

Ski down to the Bagley Lakes basin and traverse east toward the ski area and the north to the parking lot. Look back at the steep slopes of Table Mountain’s... More