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Quartz Mountain, Mount Spokane State Park

Easy hiking that's suitable for everyone. Trails are groomed cross country ski trails.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The hike out to Quartz Mountain is fun, you can vary the length and difficulty of your hike by which trails you choose. Its great for... more »

Tips:  If using the phone App: Go online for web links to maps & resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive photos.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking

Parking coordinates are 47.90452, -117.10233.

I ended up parking closer to Mt. Spokane Park Drive, but there is a giant parking lot at Selkirk lodge. This is a really nice cross country ski trail area maintained by the Spokane Nordic Ski Education Foundation. Its also a great hiking destination. Suitable for everyone, with choices of hiking a ... More

2. View of Mt. Spokane

This is a view up towards Mt. Spokane from Selkirk Lodge. Later, when you get to the top of Quartz Mountain, you will be surprised which direction Mt. Spokane is in, its easy to get turned around when out hiking.

3. View toward Spokane Valley

You do get some nice alpine views, this is toward Spokane Valley.

4. Trail maps

There are trail maps throughout the area. The trails are graded for cross country skiing, but translate into hiking. Even will tell you the quickest way back.

5. Forest roadbed

The photo shows why this is a great hiking area for everyone. Kids to seniors will find somewhere to hike out here.

6. First view of Quartz Mountain

This is the first view of Quartz Mountain. This is the Eagle Crest trail, which has a great forest hiking feel to it.

7. Nova Hut - lunch place

Nova Hut is one of a number of cabins within Mt. Spokane State Park. It is open and is outfitted with picnic tables. Which makes it perfect for family hikes, especially with little kids. Plenty of room to put out lunch and keep the kids contained.

Nova Hut is also a great retreat in the case of rain, which happened the day I was up there. ... More

8. Climb to Quartz Mountain peak

The climb up to Quartz Mountain peak is more of a moderate hike than easy, but not at a incline that is a great struggle. Take breaks is always my advice. I recommend following the Lookout Trail up, then take one of the small unmarked forest trails back down.

FYI - As you start getting to the top, you will notice more bugs.

9. The peak of Quartz Mountain

When you first reach the top of Quartz Mountain, you will most likely be turned around and be surprised where Mt. Spokane is. Underscores how easy it is to get turned around while out hiking.

The Fire Lookout is available for rental and will most likely be occupied by someone who has rented it when you make it up there. As such, respect their... More

10. Unnamed trail

This is a fun trail you will see taking off from the logging road to the peak. If it has been raining, you will walk through some shallow water, as a stream drains down a small section of this trail. There is also a canopy of tree branches, kids will love this area.

11. Scenic trail

This is one of the most scenic portion of this trail. Along the Silver trail.

12. MOOSE!!!

... and here you see in the attached picture why my hike doubles back on Silver Trail. Almost to the intersection of all the trails when I spot a moose standing 10 feet off the trail. Rule of thumb when you encounter a moose, retreat. I have heard you are safer trying to pass in front of a black bear than a moose. Remember, if you are ever... More

13. Blue Jay trail

I highly recommend taking the Blue Jay trail, it is a really nice little trail. Kids will love this area.