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Ice Age Trail:Kewaskum

Follow the Ice Age National Scenic trail from CTH-H, over the Eisenbahn State Trail and scenic highlands to CTH-D.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Kewaskum segment of the Ice Age National Scenic trail travels through the area just south of Kewaskum, WI, connecting the Kettle... more »

Tips:  The best part of this segment is also the most convenient for day hikers. Park at the Ridge Rd trail head and follow the Ice Age Trail... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Eisenbahn Trailhead

The Ice Age Trail:Kewaskum starts at the intersection of CTH-H and USH-45, heading south down the Eisenbahn Trail. The Eisenbahn (German for iron road)is an old railbed that has been converted for use as a bike trail. This 12 mile segment connects to paved trails in West Bend.

The Ice Age Trail:Washington County Milwaukee River segment starts... More

2. USH-45 Tunnel

The trail splits off the Eisenbahn trail and utilizes a pedway tunnel to cross under USH-45. Skylights provide natural lighting in the tunnel which ends at a tank farm on the far side.

If the tunnel collects too much water and come impassible, utilize the traffic crossing at USH-45 & CTH-H to cross USH-45.

3. Tank Farm

After exiting the tunnel, the trail curves left around the south side of a tank farm, through a field,and over some boardwalks.

4. Prospect Drive North Trailhead

The trail connects with Prospect Drive. Across the street is the Sunburst Ski Hill.

Turn left and head 0.3 mile south down Prospect Drive to the next trailhead.

Parking is available across the street at the Sunburst Ski Area.

5. Prospect Drive South Trailhead

This trailhead is west of Prospect Drive and 0.3 mile south of the Prospect Drive North trailhead.

The trail crosses the Sunburst Ski Hill to the left side of the small ski hill directly behind the trailhead.

There is ample parking available here.

The Ice Age Trail crosses the Sunburst Ski Area right along the left side of the southern-most ski hill and enters the woods behind the lift shack at the top of the hill.

7. Trail Junction

The Ice Age Trail heads to the left at a marked junction.

8. White Loop/Blue Loop Trail East junction

Ice Age Trail junction with both the White Loop and Blue Loop marked with a post.

The White Loop heads north before looping back around for 1.4 miles before rejoining the Ice Age Trail 0.3 mile from the Ridge Road Trailhead.

The Blue Loop heads northwest and rejoins the Ice Age Trail in 0.3 mile.

9. Blue Loop trail junction

The trail is joined by the Blue Loop trail.

10. Viewpoint

A clearing in the hedgerow on the hilltop offers a scenic view.

From here the trail heads west down the hedgerow between two fields crossing a break in the hedgerow from a dirt track.

11. Field Crossing

The trail heads southwest directly across a working field.

The trail is marked by blazed post in the field.

12. Blue Loop Trail West Junction

The Blue Loop Trail departs from the main Ice Age Trail. It connects to the White Loop which rejoins the Ice Age Trail 0.3 mile from the Ridge Road Trailhead.

13. Overlook

A bench and an informational sign sit on a hilltop with a scenic view.

14. White Loop West Junction

Just 0.3 mile before the Ridge Road Trailhead, the White Loop Trail rejoins the Ice Age Trail.

15. Ridge Road Trailhead

The trail crests a hill to the Ridge Road Trailhead. A road hike connects to the next off-road section.

Turn left and head east down Ridge Road to it's intersection with Town Line Road.

Parking is available in an off-road, improved gravel lot.

16. Town Hall Road

Turn right on Town Hall Road and head south to Wildwood Road.

17. Wildwood Road

Turn right on Wildwood Road.

18. Wildwood Road Trailhead

The trail leaves the road and follow a utility line clear cut east from Wildwood Road.

Parking is non-existant. Your best bet is on Friendly Drive, about one mile east.

19. Woods Loop Trail Junction

The trial joins the Woods Loop trail before heading back out into the clear cut.

20. Potential Flood Area

A low lying area prone to flooding after rainfall. This area will be nearly impossible to circumvent without getting wet after significant rainfall.

21. Friendly Drive Trailhead

The trail join Friendly Drive and heads south to CTH-D.

Some parking is available along the shoulder of Friendly Drive.

22. CTH-D Trailhead

The Ice Age Trail:Kewaskum segment ends at CTH-D. The Ice Age Trail continues across CTH-D on the Ice Age Trail:West Bend segment.

There is some parking available along the shoulder of Friendly Drive north of CTH-D.

23. Ice Age Trail:Washington County Milwaukee River

Trailhead for the Ice Age Trail:Washington County Milwaukee River segment.

Here is a small off-road parking area. Just down the trailhead is a waterpump and the spur trail to Backpack Shelter #1.

24. McDonald's

A McDonald's/gas station/convenience store offers, restrooms, fast food, snacks, sundries, and ample parking.