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Strike Ravine 4x4 Trail

Mix of rugged and moderate terrain. Connects to Area BFE.

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 11.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Raw and rugged with scenic spots, this lesser known Easter Jeep Safari trail has become more popular since the development of Area BFE... more »

Tips:  Many side roads in the area make it very easy to get off course. Make sure to pay close attention to your tracklog. The route shown... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

Coming from Moab south on Highway 191, turn left onto County Road 129 just south of mile marker 114. Cross cattle guard and continue straight. County Road 129 will soon turns south.

2. Important Left

Make slight left followed by hard left onto rutted dirt road and pass under power lines. You'll end up heading east.

3. Cross Wash

Trail drops down into wash bottom to nice camp spot. Bear right across wash and climb hill of loose boulders. Follow tracklog south. Bear right when you reach T intersection at better road.

4. Hard Left Turn

Make a hard left turn off good road onto lesser road. (If you continued straight here, you'd end up back at Point #2.) Follow tracklog south as it meaders down and up through network of roads.

5. Canyon Bottom

After long winding, sometimes difficult descent, you drop into bottom of canyon. Turn left in wide wash bottom and head east. The descent into canyon crosses some private land, the owner of which has been trying to stop people from crossing his land. It is extremely important that you stay on marked route at all times.

6. Entrance to Helldorado

You'll turn left here and climb out of wash at the entrance to extreme Helldorado Trail. This trail is part of Area BFE. Helldorado is open to the public if you have a vehicle that can get through it.

7. Bottom of Strike Ravine

As you climb from Helldorado entrance. You'll go past the entrances to "Minor Threat" and "Green Day," both extreme trails in Area BFE. You'll reach the top a ridge and descend to bottom of Strike Ravine. Continue up other side of ravine climbing narrow, rocky shelf road.

8. Turn Left Downhill

Ignore tracklog to right that soon deadends. Turn left downhill.

9. Stay Right

Stay right here. Left downhill goes to mine. As you continue east, road gets easier.

10. Stay Right

Stay right at first turn of triangle intersection. Left is returns to start.

11. 4-Way Intersection

After stretch of easy road with great views of the La Sal Mountains in the background, turn right downhill at a 4-way intersection.

12. Hard Right

Turn hard right downhill. Good road continues straight, so don't miss this turn.

13. Helldorado Exit Point on right.

You arrive at the bottom of a canyon. This is one of two exit points for Helldorado trail. It is worth taking a few minutes to walk up this canyon a short distance to see one of its extreme obstacles.

14. Mine Adit

Interesting open mine adit on right. After this point trail climbs switchbacks out of canyon.

15. Parking for Area BFE.

Pass through parking for Area BFE. These lots are full during extreme rock crawling events that are held here annually. For schedule of events, go to www.areabfe.com. A week-long event takes place here during the Easter Jeep Safari.

16. Blackridge Road

As you exit Area BFE, turn right on Blackride Road to return to Highway 191.

17. Highway 191

Blackridge Road connects with Highway 191 across from entrance point to Picture Frame Arch Trail. This is also the exit point of Pritchett Canyon and Behind the Rocks Trails. (All three of these trails are available as eGuides from FunTreks.) Turn right at HIghway 191 to return to start of Strike Ravine and Moab.