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Exploring Boston's North End

The “Big Dig” reconnected downtown to the isolated North End peninsula, bringing fresh energy to the neighborhood.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This Italian neighborhood is full of new must-hit spots.

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Points of Interest

Located in the same curved red-brick building since 1926, the restaurant serves up old-school pizza pie, with a fire brick–baked crust ordered light, regular, or well done.

Olives vet Torri Crowell packs a mean lunch at the low-key spot, offering skillfully constructed sandwiches like Cuban-style pulled pork on grilled brioche.

3. Twilight

Owner Alison Barnard showcases day-to-night frocks in a lounge- like setting.

Judy and Joy Catuogno, the twin- sister curators, mix well- preserved vintage as diverse as St. John and Fendi with contemporary designs for a one-off look.

The romantic restaurant has an expansive list of fine Italian wines to accompany the full-flavored rustic specialties, like briny clams and earthy braised fennel in pebbly, house-made mustard-spiked cream sauce.

6. Casa di Stile

Co-owners Allison Levangie and Lesley Carvalho display fashion- forward names like Rory Beca and Alisha Levine.

Linger at neighborhood cafés over desserts like Florentine ricotta cannoli at this Boston institution.

The melanzane alla parmigiana here is stacked so high it resembles an eggplant angel food cake.

9. Shake the Tree

The shop carries jewelry from Alexis Bittar as well as adorable baby gifts, like French Bull’s colorfully patterned plates.

You have to hand it to Jeff and Kelli Nace, owners of this minuscule, retro-themed gem in the North End-they don't shy away from florid descriptions. The oyster menu notes a "buttered popcorn" finish in the Katama Bays (MA), traces of "mushroom" in the Marion Ports (MA), "raw sweet pea" in the Rome Points (RI), even "hints of Brie" in the Ninigret... More

11. Acquire

Former National Geographic TV producer Nikki Dalrymple turns an anthropological eye toward home furnishing, fusing independent design with vintage finds, including 1940’s barware.

12. The Velvet Fly

Lorrinda Cerrutti and BethAnn Hoyos mix up “modern vintage” with on-trend labels like Saja, Tulle, and Interlude alongside covetable Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses.