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NYC Ice Cream

Where to find great ice cream in New York.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8.6 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Finding 'the best' ice cream is subjective; the decadent chocolate flavor you like may be too rich for someone else, and the fresh... more »

Tips:  Bicycle to these places over a series of days, so you can burn off the extra calories you consume.

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Points of Interest

Ample Hills Creamery is both the most local and most literary of New York's artisan ice creams. The name is inspired by a Walt Whitman poem and the ice cream base is made at the store. While you are waiting in line, you ca look through the window to see the machines churning.

The local, hormone-free milk and eggs are used to make signature... More

Blue Marble is an old-fashioned ice cream, if your childhood store used local dairy and organic all-natural ingredients. The mini-chain's commitment to the environment includes using recycled and reclaimed non-toxic materials, green energy and biodegradable or compost-able supplies.

All this would be meaningless if the ice cream weren't good. It ... More

3. Ciao Bella Gelato

Caio Bella specializes in dense, creamy Italian gelato. It has intense flavors - prickly pear, matcha green tea or blood orange might be some of the choices.

You might be familiar with the brand, sold nationally in supermarkets, but it is far superior when scooped fresh.

Stroll the area and stop at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, where you... More

4. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck

Van Leeuwen deploys pale yellow trucks around the city, scooping up a limited selection of pure flavors. The popular with kids peppermint & chip doesn't have the fake green color or fake mint flavor. If your kid is adventurous, suggest the spicy ginger mixed with chocolate - heaven in a biodegradable cup.

You can usually find one of the three... More

5. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, in Fulton Ferry Pier, is best reached by Water Taxi, or after a walk or bike ride across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The small shop, an old fireboat house (with long lines) offers only a few flavors, but each is perfection. The peaches & cream or strawberry will make believers out of those who don't usually like... More

6. Shake Shack

The original Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park, is legendary both for its frozen custard and its lines. The crunch has eased somewhat wit h5 outposts in the city, including Citi Field, in Flushing, Queens, home of the NY Mets.

Shake Shack's custard, similar to soft-serve, is best enjoyed in a concrete, a blend of frozen custard and mix-ins that... More

7. Eataly

Eataly, is a market, several restaurants, rooftop beer garden and a cafe, all rolled into one. To have the best experience, enter on 23rd St, where the colorful produce display could entice a vegetable fearing child.

You can sample cheese and bread, sit down for a vegetarian meal, fish or pasta, all at different locations, or just have a glass... More