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Seattle Center

Explore Seattle's Culture center or take a ride up to the top of the Space Needle for panoramic views of Puget Sound
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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Seattle Center, north of downtown Seattle, was created as an arts and entertainment center for the 1962 World's Fair. The 74-acre... more »

Tips:  There are a lot of places to visit in this campus, but the area is also nice for a stroll to see the landscape and the International... more »

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Points of Interest

The Space Needle has been the iconic symbol of Seattle since it was built in 1962 for the World's Fair, when as many as 20,000 people rode its elevators to the top. The tip of the needle is 605ft above the ground and it contains 25 lightning rods to prevent any damage during storms.

You can ride the elevators up to the observation deck at 520ft ... More

The Science Center is a non-profit science museum in the southern section of the Seattle Center. It is home to a planetarium, laser show, and IMAX movie theatre, and displays temporary exhibits as well as showcasing its own permanent Exhibits:
- Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time
- Tropical Butterfly House
- Science on a Sphere
- Portal to Current ... More

The Key Arena is home to a variety of events: sports (basketball, hockey, wrestling), concerts, ice shows, circuses, and more. The main tenants are the Seattle University men's basketball team and the WNBA team, the Seattle Storm.

The Seattle Rep was founded in 1963 and won the 1990 Regional Theatre Tony Award. Today it serves as one of Seattle's premier theatres with a variety of productions featured notable actors and directors.

McCaw Hall is a premier performance venue in Seattle, home to both the Seattle Opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. It was originally constructed for the 1962 World's Fair but was gutted and renovated in 2003.

6. International Fountain

The International Fountain was designed for the 1962 Worlds Fair. The music is changed every month and syncs up with the movements of 20 different water spouts. You can walk down to the bottom of the fountain if you like, but don't get too close...

This Seattle Children's museum is targeted at children ages 10 months to 10 years old with many hands-on exhibits. They have changing daily programs and a number of interactive permanent exhibits such as an art studio, outdoor adventures (all indoors), a hands-on aquarium, story telling circle, and many others.

Adults and Children:... More

In the middle of the Seattle Center you can find the northern end of the Seattle Monorail, build as a major public transportation system for the 1962 World's fair. With a top speed of 46mph it holds the title of the fastest monorail in the country, and claims to be the only self-sufficient one. It runs south to the Westlake Center in downtown... More

The Experience Music Project, or "EMP Museum as it's more commonly known, is dedicated to the history and exploration of music and science fiction. If the architecture is any indication, this museum is quite different from more "traditional" museums. The collections are split between memorabilia and multimedia exhibits with some pretty cool... More