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at Auberge reBOOT Hostel

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Guests1 room, 2 adults, 0 children
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... scammed like a few others. Don't stay here. Booked the twin room and ended up being almost double charged for my booking due...
... when other hostels were calling ReBOOT to see if they had room for anyone. In the face of these challenges, the management...
... people I have ever met. He would stay in his room most of the day and sent Anna or another person to speak...
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722timothy wrote a review Sep 2017
Brisbane2 contributions
Also got scammed like a few others. Don't stay here.

Booked the twin room and ended up being almost double charged for my booking due to admin errors. My $100 room ended up costing me $160. Still waiting on my refund.

Upon arrival, they couldn't find the key for our actual room, had to wait almost an hour for them to find.

Until they sort out my refund, I can't really recommend this place.
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Date of stay: September 2017Trip type: Travelled with friends
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Ethan E wrote a review Aug 2016
10 contributions1 helpful vote
Let's get the one negative or if the way. While it's unfortunate that ReBOOT has only one bathroom/shower, (with plans to add another very soon) the staff is none the less incredibly accommodating, and the atmosphere is that of a happy family home.

I stayed at ReBOOT during high season when other hostels were calling ReBOOT to see if they had room for anyone. In the face of these challenges, the management staff did their best to find space for everyone, and even went on a bed building blitz making runs to ikea, converting any space they could to provide beds for people with no place to stay. When they had no beds for a few, they used the living room to ensure that people weren't turned away and left to sleep on the street. They even put one fellow up on the deck with a makeshift shelter for a night so he could find somewhere in the morning. It was an impressive show of dedication for a relatively young hostel dealing with the challenges that a city with no available accommodations presented.

ReBOOT felt like a home away from home with wonderful guests from around the world, and a staff that earnestly wanted to make sure I was taken care of. It takes a real sense of compassionate care, and a lot of patience to survive in the service industry. These folks have it.

If one word defines ReBOOT, it's "chill". The staff here will do their steady best to make sure the place is welcoming to you, and that the hostel feels like a home away from home. This seems to be their mission, and what they're willing to sacrifice sleep for.

Thank you Jonathan, Gaël, Kevin, support staff, and everyone I met at ReBOOT! I'm incredibly grateful for my very memorable experience.
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Date of stay: August 2016Trip type: Travelled solo
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
margaretmorales9 wrote a review Jul 2016
New York City, New York1 contribution8 helpful votes
Do not stay here.

Our stay could have been a very enjoyable experience if the hostel was managed properly.


First, location and proximity was exactly what we needed.

Second, the staff was phenomenal. They were all very polite and helpful. The chef Kevin was great! He cooked wonderful breakfasts and was genuinely friendly. The others working were very friendly as well. All in all the staff added positivity to our experience.

Third, the vibe was great. We met wonderful people from all over the world and it felt like a home. I would say I have made some good friends during my stay. Overall, guest interactions were superb and this was the highlight of our stay.

Fourth, they keep the place very clean. I was surprised how clean a bathroom can stay when you have 25 people using the same one. Yes, ONE bathroom and ONE shower for 25 people.

Now this brings me to the negatives.


First, do not arrive late to check in. If you arrive past 10pm to check in you are charged an extra night fee. We were unaware of this policy as it was not included on our agreement with hostel bookers.

Second and actually most importantly, the man running the hostel goes by the name of Jonathan. I hate to say negative things about people but this calls for a warning. He is probably one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met.

He would stay in his room most of the day and sent Anna or another person to speak with anyone that had an issue. When we had a question about the bill he sent one of his staff members whom doesn't speak English to deal with it and refused to come out and speak with us himself.

Luckily, we caught him at 2am on the patio and he took the time to chat with us and settle our issue with being charged an extra night plus losing our hostel bookers deposit.

We ended the conversation with him agreeing to be awake the next morning and provide a refund. As expected, he was not awake at the time we discussed. Anna acted as the liaison. They refunded an incorrect credit card and when I asked for a receipt Jonathan then decided to get out of bed. He came out in a fury and I had to remind him that I wasn't complaining but just needed a receipt.

I now understand this is their policy. However, it was not displayed correctly on the website which he agreed with and that is why we were refunded the amount. I hope that the website is fixed so no one else runs into this issue.

Also, please take note that he overbooked the hostel by at least 15 people one night. There were people sleeping on the couch, the floor, and in tents on the back porch. ALL THESE PEOPLE MADE RESERVATIONS. So that was at least 35 people (if not more) using one bathroom and one shower. There was literally a queue to use it the entire time.

In conclusion, I would not recommend this hostel mainly because of POOR MANAGEMENT.

We received our refund but it was not without difficulty. There was basically no regard for customer service on Jonathan's part.

I would also hope they add restrictions to the amount of reservations allowed.

If they implement changes, this could easily be a hidden gem for travelers solely based on the guest interactions and community feel of the hostel.
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Date of stay: July 2016Trip type: Travelled with friends
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Response from Johnny G, Manager at Auberge reBOOT Hostel
Responded 9 Jul 2016
Dear Former Guest: The systems had you listed as a NO-SHOW and correctly so, because you in fact did not show up on the date you were to show up, therefore your space went back to market and was resold. If you still have problems understanding this, try booking a flight and not showing up at the correct time and date, you’ll experience missing your flight and having to rebook at a different rate (generally a HIGHER market rate) and pay a penalty fee also known as a rebooking fee. That is how it works in hotels too, except, we were extremely nice and bent over backwards to help you and your travel mate out. That was our mistake, we apologize for this. You see, instead of increasing your daily rate, we simply charged you a $45.00 NOSHOW fee and honored your previous rate. As a future FYI to other guests, many people view NOSHOW fees from other hostel as “FREE MONEY” This could not be further from the truth. The “NOSHOW” fee hostel charge you cover costs for a loss and/or an inconvenience. A “NOSHOW” fee is the least expensive option offered to stranded guests as the other options available to any front desk staff is to apply a booking reinstatement fee which is calculated differently but carries the same intention, to get a bed for the guest.. A reinstatement fee is dependent on dynamic pricing which is affected by market demand and this can cost guests more during festivals or blackout dates. Reinstatement generally works differently than a “NOSHOW” fee because it is dependant on not only market demand but rates for walk-in. Reinstatement fees are composed of a rate majoration, generally 50 to 80% of the difference between the highest selling rate of your arrival date and your previously booked rate, as an example, if you were paying $23 per night and the highest paying guest was paying $54 the spread on your day of arrival would would have been $31 dollars (23+31=54) (54-23=31$), and 50% of this $31 would have been $15.50 per night per person, therefore, you would have been paying $23.00 plus $15.50 for a total of $38.50, plus taxes (19%). Still at $38.50, this is great value because we have do have exceptional staff, including Jonathan whom your friend Margaret demonize in her review. Notwithstanding your erroneous opinions and derogatory inaccurate review, we can understand that your experience was affected by a compression week-end resulting from Independance Day, Canada Day and the start of the Montreal Jazz Festival. Adding to this you were tired, fought traffic, cleared customs and had to deal with bad weather while driving. We are sorry for your experience. The contents of your review is factually incorrect, slanderous and inconsistent with the reality of other guests who have stayed with us during that same period. Auberge reBOOT Hostel provides exceptional experiences to over 5,000 per year. Many of these reviews can be found online. While we are heartbroken that you don’t like our Jonathan, we feel that he actually was very kind to you and Margaret because he had no obligation to lodge you and the only liability to the hostel is a refund of your online deposit. That is if you would have arrived before midnight after midnight, there are no liabilities, as you loose your deposit and are considered a “NOSHOW”. It seems you both went to great length to create and paint a false picture of what really happened that week-end. Sadly, you didn’t talk about it while you stayed with us, so there is nothing that we could have done to make your experience better. Let's go over facts: (1). You showed up at 1:47 AM demanding your space yet (a) you never prepaid your room,(b) you also didn’t show courtesy by calling ahead and letting us know of your delays or/and (c) you did not even send an email to tell us you were running late. These three things show a lack of planning for your road trip, lack of forethought and diligence in handling your travel arrangements, lack of consideration for others. Your standoffish attitude and your sense of entitlement show very poor social skills or/and savoir vivre that would be incumbent upon you to develop and acquire. Aside from the fact that your comments are at odds with massive amounts of other positive reviews, what you fail to mention is that your late arrival contributed to creating the very same problem you are complaining about in this review. This is why you were charge a “NOSHOW” fee and this is why your review is from our point of view, hypocritical. Plus, you had a bed and enjoyed yourself and MORE IMPORTANTLY never NOT EVEN once, mentioned anything until you returned back home. Moreover, when you don’t agree with a charge at check-in, you bring up these issues before check=in, NOT after you left and stayed your full stay and you should never threaten any staff or an owner that you’ll trash his reputation if you don’t get what you want because you’ll experience being blacklisted pretty quickly and that is highly dishonest. Hostels now have mechanisms in place to prevent people like you from stealing revenue from our company. One such mechanism is the sharing of information with other hostels, another mechanism for dealing with people such as yourself it to place your name and personal information on a master DO NOT RENT list on the cloud. It is up to the other hostels staff and owners to determine if they want to take an higher transactional risk lodging you, and expose the truth by responding to reviews. Finally, you can use your experience as a learning lesson for you and future guests. Here is how to avoid this in the future. On your travel day if you think you will arrive late, send us an email at sales@reboothostel.com, an SMS +514-527-2570 and/or call and leave a message. We are confident that one of these three methods will work. If you want to be extra safe, you could do all of them, it only takes a few minutes. Make sure you give us your name, your reservation number and your estimated time of arrival. This way, our staff can be attentive to your needs and plan ahead. Keep updating us whenever something changes. Past midnight, we NO LONGER accept arrivals as it is rude to other guests who are trying to get a good night sleep, unless you make arrangements directly with us and our space permits. We may at our discretion decide to upgrade you into one of our empty rooms, with or without costs, as each situation is different. The next day we would generally reintegrate you in the original bed/room type. Take time to read reviews, read content on sites, click on pictures, look at what other people have to say about a place. Read the Cancellation Policy, The Booking Policy and The General Terms and Conditions. When you see negative reviews after negative reviews but a month or two before before everything was awesome, consider giving the hostel a call. Talk to the staff, ask questions, then make a choice. We know we are not perfect and we know we are only as good as our last performance but not keeping reviews objective doesn’t serve neither the community of travellers or yourself. We hope that this reply has been somewhat educational or informative and we recognize that even in badly written, tainted reviews, there is value in what you wrote and we also acknowledge that the review speaks more of yourself that of the hostel. All the best,
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This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC