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ChicagoJoined in Mar 2008
I'd rather spend a little money on a decent hotel in a good location and have money left over for dining out and sightseeing, rather than blow my vacation budget on an expensive hotel I'll only spend time in sleeping. I don't get the idea of "going shopping" while on vacation either, anything I want I can buy from local stores, or online. Saying "I bought this in Paris" has no merit for me, or the people I associate with. If you need to ask "what should I wear in Las Vegas in August", you probably need to do a little bit more independent research on where you're headed. Most frequent posters on TA, many of them DE, are lost in their own world of ideals and their advice should be taken with a grain of salt. They usually have great factual information, but their opinions are often given as fact, and heavily biased by the past and nostalgic ideas "how it used to be".
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