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35 yo female at least 12 months travel

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35 yo female at least 12 months travel


I have decided to take a sabbatical and travel for AT LEAST 12 months. I'm planning on starting in Belize and going from there. I'd like to see South America, the Caribbean, Canada, the USA Europe and South East Asia and finishing in Australia. I hate rushing my travels and like to get a real feel for the place, experience the culture and have chill out time.

Any recommendations on possible/good routes? I'd be flying out of Edinburgh in January so will need some sun and sea to start my trip!

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1. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel

When I was planning a trip to SEA, weather played a factor.

When a planned a trip to the middle east Visas dictated where I started.

With a trip of this length, money may become a factor.

I spend a fair amount of time researching via guidebooks, websites, blogs and even google images.

Google flights is a fantastic resource with heaps of filter options, I would consider both an RTW type ticket and if you truly are staying in one place long enough individual point to point tickets.

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2. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel

Even though 12 months sounds very generous, you have named 7 HUGE areas you want to cover. Point being a person could easily spend a year only in Southeast Asia, or Europe, or South America, or the USA. If you want to "chill out" and "hate rushing" I think pin-pointing places that most interest you and have priority (and perhaps eliminating others entirely) would be good at the beginning of planning this adventure?

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3. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel


- as mention by Nomadic, weather will be an issue and i would seriously look there to get an idea on whats and where.

- you have an idea on where you want to go, i would buy/print or create my own google maps and plot those places then look for a possible route(s) to take.

- you may want to look at a Round the World ticket. It may or may not work for you but you may want to look into the cost/benefits and see how that fits you and your trip.

- you say you dont want to be rushed, but thats up to you. You have a better idea on what is "rushed" so consider that while planning.

- you have CONTIENTS listed more or less, so i would do some additional research there into them and see if you can cherry pick places.

- getting about Europe will be a piece of cake more or less with the train/buses. But taking a bus may cost you (more) time. time you have alot of, but its not infinite.

- the USA/Canada and S.America you will need to take Planes and drive. There are buses too, but again consider the time. Also, all of the places cover alot of ground so you may want to research into where you wan to go. Im thinking the other non European places will also require more flying and such. However some places maybe accessible by boat.

- in the USA not alot of trains. Buses are there, but again, time. Some places you can get by Plane but to me there are some places you may need to drive. You say you want culture. Ok., that fine too, but there are some unique things in the USA you wont see outside of it. I dont know if they fit into your culture list, but its a long way to travel and if you can see some of them, i would consider it.

- VISAs and Vaccinations maybe required for some places and some may require a proof a entry/exit.

- Amount of stay limitations. some places may have a limit as to how long you can stay too.

good luck.


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4. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel

Find out if you will remain in the scope of NHS health care. AFAIK it is based on residency like many other national systems. That may have a significant impact on the cost of your medical travel insurance. Few people can afford to pay for the consequences of a serious road accident out of their own pocket.

If you suspect that you might be sexually active figure out how to deal with contraception. Carrying a year's supply of pills into some of your destination countries is likely to be illegal.

Figure out if you want to visit countries with yellow fever. If you do not want to get vaccinated and get the certificate that will limit your further travel.

You will want a brand new passport for all the visas and entry/exit stamps that you are going to collect.

How will you handle your tax return and payment of possible residual taxes? In general, who minds the store at home while you are away? Will your worldly possessions go into a storage locker?

How will you access money? If your bank cards are lost how can you replace them?

If you plan to self-drive do not forget that the most common type of International Driving Permit is valid only for a year. Australia might accept a UK license as such, though.

I would say that Europe you can easily see later in smaller slices if you are from the UK. That would reduce your planning workload a bit.

You must make a budget and start monitoring how well you can stick to it. Calculate how much you have available per day and use e.g. booking.com to check what dorm accommodation costs in various areas. It might turn out that some areas are totally out of budget since you must eat and move around, too.

A round the world ticket can reduce the uncertainty about your upcoming travel costs. Air Travel forum has an excellent top question about those. Note that you do not have to do all your flying on the RTW ticket. In regions with budget airlines you can hop around with those without wasting your RTW ticket segments on flights that might cost £25.

Both the Bargain Travel and Solo Travel forums have top questions with valuable information. You cannot see them using the TripAdvisor app.

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5. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel

Flights: I'd agree with other posters that a RTW ticket will offer the best value. These are generally for travelling east to west, or the other way round, so you'd need to check the monsoon, typhoon and other seasonal weather patterns in order to establish which direction you're heading.

Insurance: As other posters have said, there are lots of practical issues you need to sort out, & you may need a specialist travel insurance broker to shop around for a decent policy.

Resources:The travel company Trailfinders is a very reputable company & are happy to give advice on long haul & long term travel. They can also advise on matters you may not have even considered (festivals, major bank holidays, animal migration patterns ...!) Yes, they'd like you to buy their products (insurance, flights etc) but will still be happy to advise.

Trip Advisor: This forum has an info item (in the top questions box) called top 100 tips for planning a solo trip. It has been written by your fellow travellers & is very long!!! But it 's a useful check list of issues to consider, & those which may need further research.

Where to go: As for destinations, you may want to look at the FCO website on current UK gov't advise. especially for destinations that are subject to specific local health issues (zika) , visa requirements, & the relative stability of any given country.

I'd also agree with the_goodsoil_family.... in that you can travel to & within Europe so easily from the UK, that it's a continent you could tackle later, giving you more time for the rest of the world.

Recourses again ! The trip advisor website isn't the most intuitive to use, but for planning and research it's extremely useful, not just for individual destinations, but also for non destination forums including train travel, road trips, adventure, bargain etc... It does take time to play around with this website

The info articles in the Top Questions boxes can't be seen using the very limited trip advisor phone app, so to get the most from this website, you'll need a pc/laptop or tablet.

Guidebooks: If you're going to get some good quaity guide books, I'd suggest Lonely Planet, as they have a SEA/Eurpope "on a Shoe String" range, which are good for multi destination trips. Rough Guides and the Brandt series are also comprehensive.

Trains: For train travel anywhere in the world, see either the train travel forum here in trip advisor, and the very user friendly website at www.seat61.com

Money: For an overview of banking, currency cards, etc, you may find the travel section of

www.moneysavingexpert.com useful.

There are plenty of online currency calculator websites, which may help you establish your buying power & help with a budget.

Passports: One last thing..... some countries require travellers to have at least 6 months validity on their passports at the date of departure. It would be prudent to check your passport expiry date. You can renew a UK passport which still have 9 months (I think) validity & the unexpired element will be added to a new passport

Good luck with all your planning, & your trip of course.

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6. Re: 35 yo female at least 12 months travel

"experience the culture" - just take care and ask on the forums where is safe to go and where to avoid.

Some of the countries you mentioned need caution if you intend on getting off the tourist track. They don't see you as a welcome to experience their culture so much as a financial asset

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