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Using Ubeeqo in Berlin and Driving in Berlin in general

Hi all! We've been in Berlin for a day now and have a day left, so we're thinking of using Ubeeqo Carsharing to rent a car for a quick 3/4 of a day to explore Potsdam.

1) Unlocking the car

However, the whole idea of Ubeeqo seems ratehr sketchy, since I cant find any information on how to even unlock the car. The website simply briefly mentioned that I can use my payment card(which is nfc-enabled) or the nfc on my phone? I do have Samsung Pay enabled on my phone, but I have no idea how to add a so-called 'Badge' to the app. Could someone who has used Ubeeqo kindly enlighten me on the how process of redeeming the car works? Many thanks.

2) Driving to Potsdam

For driving an Ubeeqo car onto the highway/autobahn towards Potsdam from Berlin, would I be required to purchase an additional toll sticker? Or would the car already come with one? Again, Ubeeqo's website+app showed no info on this.

It'll just(hopefully) be a short trip as we hope to cover Potsdam as well, and have no interest in driving extensively around Berlin city centre itself. Ubeeqo seemed to offer really cheap prices so for convenience sake we decided to check it out.