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Which Caribbean island would you recommend

I am 66, my daughter is 26, and we would like to go to the Caribbean but there are so many beautiful islands to choose from and never having been I would be grateful for some recommendations. My daughter likes diving, she can snorkel and also has her PADDI certificate so she can scuba dive and is keen to do that so it would have to be a safe diving area. An island with lots of flora and fauna and places to explore with a sandy beach would be perfect. Also an island with nice restaurants or places to eat - nice, clean hotels and pools - I have read some horrifying stories of the state of some of the restaurants, hotels and pools ! We don't have a mountain of money so would have to "watch the pennies" so we are looking for value for money hotels and places to "eat out". Don't know if an "all inclusive" holiday would be best but we do like to explore "eating out" so long as it is safe. Heard negatives comments about Jamaica being safe so that's rather put us off. We like to be somewhere quiet - we are not "party animals" so being in the centre of town is a definite "No No". Rather like a nice relaxing place with friendly locals and nice bars - just like Death in Paradise ! That would be ideal - think thats Guadaloupe ???