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Airport Departure timing on a weekday

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Airport Departure timing on a weekday

We leave tomorrow from our wonderful stay. I’m wondering how to time our airport departure. Our flight leaves back to the U.S at 1:15 pm. We are staying at Discovery Point and have to return our rental car to Marshall’s. We have 3 young kids so I’d like to avoid getting to the airport unnecessarily early and having a ton of time to sit around the airport. But I also don’t want to cut it close. Do I need to be checking in at the airport 2 hrs before our flight or is that overkill? I’m guessing weekdays in summer aren’t usually super busy.

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1. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

Get to the airport by 11:45... you should be fine

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2. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

This is a holiday week in the US, Canada, and Cayman - but I don't know if that is likely to increase (or decrease) weekday travel - or have no impact at all! Perhaps someone with more information can share their experiences regarding summer holiday travel.

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3. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

You can go to the GTYC either with your car (just keep after you check in) or take the free shuttle. It is minutes away and it will be much nicer with the kids than sitting around the airport. Nothing is really open in the departure lounge yet. Midweek really should not be a problem.

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4. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

I agree with retrip's idea for the following reasons:

You have two potentially long waits at the airport - check-in and security.

I tend to be a fan of getting to an airport early (I would rather be 20 minutes early that 5 minutes late), but I don't tend to travel with kids.

If you get there early, drop off your car and go through the check-in process at least, then that is one wait out of the way. Then head over to the Yacht club to have drinks, snacks, etc. Far better than waiting in the airport. Then you only have security to go through, but feeling well-fed and relaxed. It's a way to extend your vacation just that little bit more.

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5. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

+1 for Retrip’s suggestion. Check in early and then go to GTYC for lunch. Kids can even swim and play in the pool. Then return to go through security and spend as little time as possible in the departure area.

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6. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

On weekdays — such as tomorrow — GTYC opens at 1100, so you’ll have to be quick if you want/should be back at the airport by 1145. If you do that, advise the driver about what time you want to return to the airport.

On weekends, the place is open at 830am.

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7. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

We left last Wednesday. Actual check in was rather quick.

Security however was slow. A group of 60 to 70 school children were on their way to Atlanta. I don’t think it would have been an issue had they not all gone though at the same time. Anyway, once inside the waiting room, there were plenty of seats for everyone waiting. And while the shopping isn’t open, there is still the concession stand selling drinks and food as well as a vending machine. The new restrooms were open as well.

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8. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

I only have one young child but would not want to pack up, check in and then head to George Town Yacht Club, pack up there and go back again so definitely wouldn't want to do it with three young children. Maybe fine as a couple but not for me as a young family! We've flown out as a family mid week twice in the last month. Absolutely no lines at check in or security.

Looking at tomorrow's schedule, the flight prior to yours is as 12:00. But then there are 4 flights after you between 1:35 and 1:55. So if you go too late, you'll get caught in that rush. If I were you, I would aim to get to the airport at about 11:30. Bring lunch with you as there is only a dismal selection at the Runway Bar. We usually pickup Subway on the way to the airport.

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9. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

Are you able to take subway meals through security? I only ask because once - at a different airport - I had food taken away because the security guard said that "if I can squeeze it then it is a gel and not allowed!" Ever since then, if I bring food to the airport, I try to eat it before going through security.

The George Town Yacht Club is a very nice option but it is not of interest to everyone, but we check in and check our bags and then take the shuttle - it only takes about 3 minutes.

It is actually very popular with families with young children because they have a nice pool that the kids can enjoy instead of waiting around the airport.

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10. Re: Airport Departure timing on a weekday

We just left Cayman Island on the 4th, we arrived at the airport around 11:20am and it took us 45 minutes to get to the gate for southwest

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