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Underwater Camera

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Underwater Camera

Wanted to know any opinions on a Water proof camera (Like Olympus SW1030) vs a Digital camera and a housing (Canon SD1100 IS with housing).

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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1. Re: Underwater Camera

I know this doesn't specifically answer your questions but we dove and snorkeled Cozumel and spots in the Riviera Maya and used cheap, disposable, underwater cameras and they worked fine. We were going to do the same think it looks like you are considering and went with the disposables and were happy.

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2. Re: Underwater Camera

If you are planning on pics in the Cenotes then the disposable camera will not be that great - try to get one with a flash. We only had a disposable when snokeling this time but will be upgrading for our next trip for sure

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3. Re: Underwater Camera

A couple of years ago we went the single all around option and bought the Olympus SW 720. Good for up to 10 feet under water with 3 under water macros. Great for pictures out of the water and has 7.1 mega pixels. Just a great, small, all around camera for traveling and the best part is you only need to take one camera.

New Orleans...
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4. Re: Underwater Camera

hi all!

i was wondering the same thing...get a housing for my camera or go disposable???...my camera is silver and i would hate to attract barracuda (funny right? the things i worry about are quite often entertaining)

but i think i am gonna go with disposables, several waterproof and regular, to prevent my new canon from getting lost or broken (even bitten maybe??)

Minooka, Illinois
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5. Re: Underwater Camera

That's funny Warm ~ I just got another "silver" camera.. I wanted green for less attraction.. haha.

Rj, what are your water plans for your camera?? Diving?? Beach?? Snorkeling?

I have a canon SD800 and housing. I use this for diving. It's great as long as you know what the buttons are. (looks like a toy). 7.1 mp

I recently got the Olympus 1030SW (10.1 mp). I was very weary as I'm a canon fan and have never owned an olympus.

I took this with me for a recent rafting trip. I had the camera with me both days in class III and IV rapids. Kept it around my neck and then tucked in my suit just so if I flew off the boat it wouldn't get caught and strangle me.

The camera got so filthy, but it cleaned up great. I also took it with me when I was rapelling down the waterfalls.

GUess what else?? I dropped it too.. haha.. While I was sitting at a picknick table.. This was a pure accident.

The 1030 still works fine. I'm pleased with the pix too.

I didn't want to test the durability of the canon housing since I use that one for diving. I love taking pix in the ocean. Only problem is that I could use a filter.

If you are going to dive, I wouldn't attempt the use of the 1030. It's only rated to 33'. The houseing is rated to 130' (I think). I just don't want to put the cameras to the limit.

ps ~ I can not stand those disposables...

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6. Re: Underwater Camera

I just bought the Olympus SW1030, also. Haven't used it yet, but plan on using it for snorkling in Playa.

Minooka, Illinois
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7. Re: Underwater Camera

Did you get a life jacket for your camera?? haha..

I couldn't get one in time for my last trip. Good thing because I wouldn't have worn it around my wrist.

I had thoughts of making one.. I was going to use a can huggy. I have so many bright colored ones and they float great. The other option I though of was a pool noodle ~ cut it and tether it to the camera.

You have got to play around with this camera. There's a lot of interesting and fun features on it. (Don't tell anyone, but I actually read some of the manual on this camera).

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8. Re: Underwater Camera

We took an expensive underwater camera on one of our trips and it didn't take as good photos as those disposable cameras. Now we just use those. Photos are so vivid and colorful. Hard to believe they came from the cheapy disposable cameras.

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9. Re: Underwater Camera

I was wondering the same thing a while back and found some fantastic info on Popphoto.com. Search for "waterproof cameras". There are some reviews concerning waterproof cameras. It is very helpful. There is also a forum with very knowledgeable photographers who can guide you in the right direction.

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10. Re: Underwater Camera

buy them before you go !! i paid 8.00 each at home. in playa they were going for 18.00 each.