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3 Days, Versailles/Paris itinerary opinions? Luggage help?

Hi all!

Planning our first trip to Paris at the end of the month and trying to get an idea for what can be realistically achieved. We're only in the UK and know we will be going again and again so would prefer to see the things that matter to us and have a good time, rather than fit everything in. That said, there is so much in Paris I'm willing to bet there are places I've not even heard of. So any suggestions for alternatives/responders favourites are more than welcome!

We arrive in Gare du Nord at 0920 on a Tues. Depart on Thurs from Gare du Nord at 2110.

It being Tues, with museum closures and the Airbnb check in not being until after 6pm, I thought we could make a mad dash straight over to Versailles straight from Gare du Nord. It's quite high up on the missus' list and isn't really possible on Weds/Thurs without sacrificing lots, we're also keen to see the musical gardens show. Arriving at Gare du Nord at 0920, I doubt we'll get to the Chateau until about 11am?

I'm thinking of getting the timed passport for midday? Not quite sure how it works though, is it entry 30mins from midday or entry 30mins either side of midday? Would it be inadvisable to book for 11am?

Also, are the luggage racks likely to fill up by then? I've heard lines become painfully long to get in, but is the storage just a little cupboard or have they got ample room? We'll only be travelling with a couple of holdalls maximum and I don't mind leaving the bags elsewhere, it just wastes more time I don't have. :/

Unfortunately the KAT is booked up for the two weeks either side of when we're going! Otherwise I would definitely have done that.

Versailles would form pretty much the whole of the first day, might try the Eiffel Tower on the way to the Aribnb depending on what time we're getting back. Unsure whether it would be worth getting the two day ticket instead? Does the two day ticket also come with access to the musical gardens show? Would give us the flexibility of returning the following day.

I'll almost definitely get the 2 day Paris Museum Pass, it might be slightly dearer in the end depending on how much we do but I prefer having the flexibility and fast track access.

We're staying on the edge of the 8th and 16th, so heading in from the west.

Day 1

Arrive and go to Versailles

Possibly Eiffel Tower, time dependent

Day 2

Eiffel Tower

Sant Chappelle

Notre Dame - tour and crypts (are these included in the Paris Museum pass?)

Le Marais/Lunch

Louvre (evening, will it be quieter then or is this just a myth?)

Day 3

Eiffel Tower (if we cannot squeeze it in on days 1 or 2)

Jardin du Luxembourg/Jardin du Tuileries/both

Sacre Coeur, possibly if we feel like we aren't drained from day 1 and 2.

Generally relax in parks or see things we missed from day 2

Any and all opinions welcome!


- How does the Versailles timed passport work? In terms of when do you actually enter/have to be there by?

- Arriving in Versailles at 11am, will we be unlikely to find luggage space at the Chateau?

- How do days 2 and 3 look? Too much/too little?

- Louvre in the evening on Weds or another time?