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Driving Col de Bavella from Porto Vecchio

I've searched and cannot find a clear answer to my question about which route to take when seeing the Col de Bavella. I envision one day exploring from our base in Porto Vecchio. During our day we would like to see the scenery, have lunch (picnic or restaurant), possibly take a swim and maybe take a short hike....or two. I'm not sure what else we might see along the way? My hunch is that it would be best to drive towards Zonza taking in the scenery, making a few stops for a walk and then descending towards Solenzara. I've read that there is a nice easy hike in L'Ospedale to a waterfall....and that the Col de Bavella area, after Zonza, has parking and a restaurant....and a nice easy one hour hike called the "Promenade de la Pianona" addition to a two hour hike. Later in the day I would expect we could stop for a dip in the Solenzara long as the trek to the swim spot is not too strenuous. Specifically, I'm thinking that we could stop for a swim at Purcaraccia and/or the Cascades de Polischellu?

It's hard to know what direction of travel will provide the best flow, the best views, or make the most sense. My instinct is to travel clockwise: PV - Zonza - Solezara - PV. Would this be correct?

Btw....we will do this drive in the last week of August.

Advice is much appreciated! Thanks!