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Bonifacio Driving/Parking

My wife and I will be in Porto Vecchio area in last week of August. Recommendation here on TA is to visit Bonifacio during both day and night. From what I've read the traffic and parking can be horrible. For health reasons I do not want to subject my wife to what appears to be a strenuous hike up from the harbor. She is mobile but we need to leave her limited energy in place for other activities.

So my questions are:

1. If visiting during the day what time is best to avoid traffic and see the sites?

2. Same as #1 but for an evening arrival to see sites at night?

3. Are there some sites that would be preferred for night vs day?

4. Is there a good parking strategy....perhaps a specific lot to look for for to make our walk to old town easier? And perhaps there is one that works better for visits in day vs night? (I've read that the parking lot next to the cemetery is good... and a perfect start to a visit to Bonifacio)

5. If we were to park down at the harbor would the train be a good way to get up and down....not just to see the Citadel but for a round trip from the old town as well?

6. We will be dropping our rental car off at Figari airport ( FSC) and will then need to take a taxi to the port in Bonifacio. We will need to arrive by 08:00am in order to catch our ferry to Sardinia. How much time should we allow for a taxi ride from airport to ferry port so as to arrive by 08:00?

Again, because of my wife's health I feel it is extra important to be thoughtful with regard to parking. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!