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5/6 day visit - Lyon to Dijon

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for some insight into the the best way to go about a trip to Burgundy next year. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My wife and I are doing a 40th birthday trip with a large group to Dublin next summer, after a few days in Dublin, we are splintering off alone to France. Our plan is to fly from Dublin to Lyon, and work our way back up to Paris to fly home.

We love food and wine, so Lyon, Beaune, and Dijon are on our list of places we've wanted to visit for a while now.

My initial feeling was 2 nights in Lyon, rent a car, and drive up to Beaune (1 night), then Dijon (2 nights), and finally Paris for one night before flying home.

Alternately, we are open to skipping the car rental and going from Lyon to Dijon via train after 3 nights, and do organized day trips to, say, Beaune from Dijon.

Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to tackle this as far as timing or mode of transportation goes? Is a night in Beaune worth it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.