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Logistics for cycling Ilmtal Radweg


I'm interested in a few days of relatively easy cycling around Weimar and was thinking of trying the Ilmtal, starting in Allzunah (or Stutzerbach) and heading down towards Weimar, possibly beyond.

Does someone have advice on how to plan this logistically? I'm wondering:

- Where can I rent bikes? I've read of a place outside Erfurt train station, any other suggestions?

- How would I get the bikes to the start point? I guess I can take them on a train to Ilmenau but I think from there to Allzunah/Stutzerbach would be a bus ride, so how do people take bikes any further up?

- Or is there a company which will do drop-off/pick-up on the first and last day of our cycle ride?

- Would I have to book accommodation ahead of time, or would it suffice to call a pension or ferienwohnung a few hours before arriving? Would be nice to go at my own pace without commitment on how far to go. (I am planning to do this the last week of June.)

Thanks in advance!