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4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

San Francisco
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4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

Hello Barcelona Experts

We are a family with mom, dad and two teenagers arriving via train at the Sants station at 11:30am and staying for four days. I'd love some suggestions about the order and days to arrange what we'd like to see and do

1 - Can I buy the T-10 card at the train station? We are staying at Plaça Sant Josep Oriol and it looks to be an easy metro trip. Is that doable with luggage or do you suggest a taxi? We are planning on walking or taking metro or buses for our visit. Do we add money to the card, or just buy another T-10 card?

Day 1 - I have booked 4pm Sagrada Famila tickets for the day of arrival. Maybe we'll explore Boquera Market and Las Ramblas before then?

2 - Day 2 Was thinking of booking Picasso Musuem for the 10am and Parc Guell for 6pm. Lunch and ?? in between

3 - Days 3 & 4 we'd like to do/see: a trip to Barceloneta for Paella and to explore, possibly a bike tour, a visit to the beach - any area in particular you suggest?

Is a 1/2 day trip to Montserrat a good idea using public transportation, or would we be giving up a full day in Barcelona?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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1. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

Yes, you can buy a T-10 at the train station,and you should (buy at least two so you'll have another one if you need to split up or finish the first one in a place where you cannot buy it, like on the bus) but if you're arriving from another part of Spain with the AVE (fast train) or Larga Distancia (long distance) trains you are entitled to a free ride on the commuter trains before and after your journey (4h before and 4h after) so you can take the train from Sants to Pl. Catalunya and walk from there (about 650m - ~0.4 miles)

On the ticket you have a code CombinadoCercanías to get the local ticket from the machine.

If you opt for the metro (L3) than don't use the in station entrance as it's long and with steps. Go out of the station and walk to the street entrance of L3, there is an elevator there.

As you've already booked Sagrada Familia you can fill thee time walking around, including Las Ramblas (for La Boqueria it depends on the day) but I suggest ending the walk in Passeig de Gracia near the L2 metro to get to Sagrada Familia.

I see that you still don't have a specific plan so I'll start by suggesting you make one and than we can help you with the division into days. You can also do it by creating a map in Google Maps (Your Places -> Maps -> Create Map) as you cam mark all locations, see where they are and easily group them. You can also add other places of interest, add comments (like opening hours and transport) and use it during your visit (you can also download this map for offline use).

On the right side (on the desktop version of this site) you'll find the top questions with helpful articles like "must see" (be aware that articles cannot be updates since November 2016 so some info, like opening hours or fares, are out of date).

Here are a few quick suggestions, that can probably fill the entire visit:

Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Palau Guell, Palau de la Música, Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barri Gòtic (where you're staying, including places like the Barcelona Cathedral, Santa Maria del Pi - right next to where you're staying, Plaça del Rei, El Call and more - you can take a walking tour for a general look), Parc de Montjuïc (that can include walking around, Castell de Montjuïc, Montjuïc Cable Car, Fundació Joan Miró, Olympic area and museum, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya -MNAC, oble Espanyol, Magic Fountain (at night, when there are shows) CaixaForum and more).

For Montserrat,

It is a great place to visit but with 3 1/2 days, which is not enough even for the basic, I would skip it. A half a day visit is just getting there, walking around the abbey area and going back and if you want to take the trails (which is recommended) it will be a full day trip. Whatever you decide use public transport (FGC train from Pl. Espanya + rack railway or cable cart to go up to Montserrat - there is a combo ticket and other combos that can include things like the onsite Funiculars (only one now, the other one is not working), visits to the museums, audiovisual show, lunch etc, depending on the combo.

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2. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

Amirlivine - Thank you so much for your great advice

We'll get two t-10 tickets, so we are prepared to split up or add fares as needed. If we run out, do we just buy more T-10 or can we add value to them?

We are arriving from Madrid, and I think it's the AVE train, so that would allow us to use the local train with the combination ticket. I will look into it. Thank you for the suggestion.

I will map out our destinations on google maps, thank you for excellent suggestion. I have a very vague idea where things are located. I was more interested in timing, such as is parc Guell better to visit in the evening vs the morning etc? I'm torn between lighting for photos and avoiding the major heat of the day!

I'll add Parc de Montjuïc to our list if we are skipping Monserrat. We'll get a good view of Barcelona and won't sacrifice a day in the city.

Thank you very much. I'll make a rough plan and will come back for your suggestions!

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3. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

I prefer to see the Parc Guell in the morning for better lighting in photos.

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4. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

BennyMalaga- thank you, we’ll plan to visit parc guell in the morning, hoping for fewer crowds, less heat and beautiful photos!

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5. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

As you'll see when you get them, the T-10s are a small piece of thin card. When you've taken the 10th journey, throw it away and buy a new one. The progress is printed on the back (quite small print and sometimes over-printing) so you can track progress.

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6. Re: 4 Days Barcelona - a few questions

You just buy an extra card. We still have regular paper cards with a magnetic strip so once you use the 10 rides you throw it away (after ending the last journey and leaving the station).

There are plans to change it to the smart rechargeable cards but there has been many delays.

The card is easy t use, just pass it once for each one and validate it in every change - you have up to 3 changes to different transport means. Each ride is printed on the back of the card, the last digit is the number of rides used (from 9-0). Once you finish the card the last digit is 0 and it wil also print "Titol Esgotat"

Remember to keep the card with you until the end of the journey and until you leave the station as checks can be made at exit and in some cases you will need the card to go out through the turnstiles.

You can buy the T-10 card at ant train, metro or tram station ans in some newspaper stands, kiosks, tobacconist and lottery shops.

To clarify, a different transport mean is one where you have to validate your card and you validate it when entering a closed system, like the metro or commuter trains (any change inside the closed does not require validation thus not counted as one of the 3 changes) or on every bus or tram line. If you reuse the same transport mean (go back on the same bus or tram line or reenter the same metro or train system) it will be considered as a new journey even if you're still within the 75 minutes time frame.

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