Roadtrip Athens - Meteora - Delphi on June 17


I'm flying from Toronto and getting to Athens on at 09:20 of June 17. I'm renting a car and doing a 2-3 road trip to Meteora and Delphi. The idea is left the airport straight to Meteora, drive around the monasteries during the evening and visiting some of them in the morning. Then drive to Delphi in the afternoon and maybe drive back to Athens if there is still some time. If not spend the night in Delphi and come back to the airport in the morning of June 19.

I'm looking for some travel buddies for the road trip. Also, I would like some advice on the roadtrip and if you consider that I'm missing some places. I do have some flexibility since I'm leaving athens on June 21st.

Please message me if interested!