Information needed when posting

Help us to help you !

If you are a newcomer to the forums it is not always wise to post a question added to another person’s thread. If you post a question to an OP (Original Poster) check when his\hers thread was active – there is no use in asking a question to a person who started the thread a long time ago. Most likely the OP doesn’t follow the thread anymore. For a personal question every person registered on TA has a personal page where a pm option is available.

Also note that TripAdvisor (TA) has dedicated forums for most villages, town, areas etc. in Norway – post your question in the dedicated forum rather than in the general Norway forum. Most contributors follow the forum they know the best, and don’t look up general forums like the Norway forum.

Before actually posting on the forums these are the kind of important information to make us able to help you:

- When are you going – and for how long ?

- How many are you ?

- What is you travel style? Interests, sightseeing, activities, what kind of resort, quiet and peaceful or partying and nightlife ?

- Will you visit more than resort ? If so for how many nights do you plan to stay in each resort ?

- Will you hire a car or go by public transport ?

- What is your budget (in NOK please) ? Don’t use expressions like “cheap”; “expensive” – they are highly individual and the meaning change from person to person

- Please also be specific in your requirements and questions. Asking for “best” or “must sees” and the likes are also individual; specify YOUR personal requirements. Try to figure what issues that are important to YOU, and specify these in your questions for advice from us.

Please also note that contributors in these forums are all volunteers, and share information and offer advice based on their own personal experiences. They are not travel agents.