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Trip report

Just some quick notes from our recent trip

We stayed in the Sea Palace. Very good hotel. Highly recommended

Our fave restaurants were Al Gabbianno and Vecchia Marina. Both very good indeed

The market by the rock on Saturday morning is worth a look. It's a good old work so a cab up from the town and a walk back is advised

Avoid the restaurants outside the cathedral. Pricy and not great. Exactly what you'd expect from a tourist trap. Much better and cheaper nearby

We took a train to Palermo. Very picturesque train ride which we enjoyed. The local market in Palermo is fascinating- well worth a look but be careful of your valuables as it gets very busy. Palermo is interesting. Aside from the Main Street by the cathedral it's a bit scruffy but it's worth a day trip. We took a tuk tuk ride round the major sites which was excellent

All in all Cefalu is a lovely little place. Well worth a visit. DM me for more info