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Snorkeling/Diving from AB

My boyfriend and I are headed up to Airlie Beach for about 3 days at the end of June and were interested in snorkeling and/or a dive trip. After booking hotel on AB, I realized it might not be the most ideal spot for this as many appear to be cruises to beaches but no snorkeling or diving. In my subsequent research I found two companies that depart AB that might fit the bill – Zigzag Whitsundays and Whitehavenxpress. I see these are larger cruises (35ish people), a full day out, reasonably priced ($115 - $180 AUD) with stops at White Haven beach and opportunities for snorkeling (no intro dives as far as I can tell) with snorkeling gear provided. Does anyone have an opinion of either of these companies? Are there any other recommendations for dive trips? Thanks!