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Rockin' Rainbow Review at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Rockin' Rainbow Revue at Hilton Hawaiian Village is a good Polynesian show. It is free if you want to stand around the Garden Pool.

It is on Friday evenings. Fireworks on the beach right after the show.

I sent an email to HHV to ask why Rockin' Rainbow Review is not listed on their entertainment page anymore and if they still have the show.

This is their reply:

"The RRR has changed hands to JTB .

It is now used solely for JTB guests as a perk through the JTB. Still open for viewing to the public and purchase of tickets are still available through the JTB office here at the HHV only. The hotel no longer handles any of the ticket sales."

I am assuming JTB Hawaii, Inc.

We always stood around the perimeter of the Garden Pool and watched the show for free. I hope that is still going to be allowed.