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February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

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February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Hi there!

We are starting to plan out the logistics for our honeymoon in February 2018. We will most likely be going 2/9/18-2/18/18. We don't know much about Maui, but have heard many great things, so we would like to split our time between Maui and Oahu.

We are thinking of flying in to Honolulu with staying there for 4-5 nights, flight to Maui, stay there for 4-5 nights, then flying back East from Maui. Is this cost and time effective? We would like to stay somewhat budget-conscious, but obviously wouldn't be going to Hawaii if we were too worried about spending money. ;)

Things we would like to do:

-Pearl Harbor

-Diamond Head

-Pillbox Hike

-Waterfall Hikes


-Snorkeling, a fun party boat, hikes, parasailing, Laua, relaxing on the beach!

Would we need to rent a car in both places, the entire time? Or could we get away with 1 or 2 day rentals at each place? Also, any hotels that people would recommend that don't cost an awful lot - we have been looking in to all of the Hilton Waikiki Beach hotels so far. Any recommendations for hotels, restaurants, excursions, hikes, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

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1. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Good luck with the time traveling

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2. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Hi Rebeca,

First of all.... congrats on your upcoming wedding. Hawaii is the perfect honeymoon destination!

One of the first things people need to know is your nightly budget for a hotel.

I always suggest a rental car for as many days as your budget allows. This gives you the ability to be more flexible and spontaneous during your vacation.

Since you have time ... I suggest doing as much research as possible. The upper right side of this page has "Top Questions About Oahu." That's a great place to begin.

Your list of things you want to do sounds like you've already begun the research...

I would add Kualoa Ranch and Iolani Palace to the list...along with lots of free time to sightsee and relax.


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3. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Hi! OK ... I tend to be verbose - but it's good, basic stuff!

... You need to "move ahead!" I don't mean to alarm you, but you are traveling during a very, very popular time. Dead of winter. Whale season. Valentine's Day (with lots of anniversaries and weddings). President's Day - which is popular for school vacations.

... If you don't know about the Islands ... how do you know that's what you want? Both are GREAT - and the Oahu/Maui split is very common for first-timers (we did that, too!).

... How many nights will you have in Hawaii?? Looks like your initial plan is 9 nights. (You should always count your nights.) You could easily spend the entire trip on Oahu OR Maui. You could visit both, but a little more time would be better.

... Note that you will fly between the Islands, and that process can easily take a 1/2 day or more. The longer you wait to buy the tickets, the higher the price. Same goes with the car rentals - prices will jump as the dates get closer.

... <<then flying back East from Maui.>> You may be routed back through Honolulu. Not a big deal. Honestly, I would visit Maui first and Oahu second. Fly home from Oahu.

... Your itinerary sounds pretty basic. I would set that aside until your dates are set. And until you know where you are staying. There is much more to both Islands ...

... Keep in mind that Hawaii is not Mexico or the Caribbean.

... You need a car on Maui for sure - full time. On Oahu ... with such a short stay, I personally would rent for the full time as well. <<could we get away with 1 or 2 day rentals at each place?>> Sure, if you don't want to see the Island. Another tip: renting by the week far in advance can actually be much cheaper than renting day-by-day. That being said, you should take note any parking fees/taxes. So, it can be a juggling act as you plan ... but hang in there.

... "An awful lot" doesn't help-us-help-you with your accommodations. You need to decide on a nightly accommodations budget ... at least an estimate ... and share it with us. Again, you are traveling during a peak vacation time.

... If you scroll down this Forum and the Maui Forum, you will see that we talk about accommodations, restaurants and activities constantly. Grab some coffee ... get comfy ... jot down ideas. Also note the Top Questions off to the right-hand side of the screen.

... Do you have a good travel guidebook or two for each Island? Maps? Both are so important as you plan.

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4. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

We usually suggest visitors have at least ten nights in Hawaii to stay on two islands. I'd be even less inclined to do two islands for a honeymoon, especially with such long flights to and from the islands.

Day One in Hawaii is something of a loss. You wake before dawn and fade early as your body copes with the time change. As BLBL said, any transit between islands is going to cost 4 - 5 hours in time and over $100 pp.

Take heed to the warnings about February being Very Busy. Hawaii always draws snowbirds fleeing mainland winters, and that population gets bigger during Whale Season. (February is prime for that, and it is best enjoyed off Maui.) People book a year in advance. Winter weather is also better on Maui than Oahu. Northern shores of Kauai and Oahu tend to be cool and rainy, with rough ocean conditions.

I'd fly in and out of Maui. Get your rental car reserved immediately, then keep checking rates right up to the last minute in case there is a drop. You don't pay until you get the car. Costco Travel has discounts on cars. Small is fine. Whatever is cheap is good! You won't be going off-road, you just need wheels.

No one on these forums likes this site's touring advice (dangerous and disrespectful of private property), but the lodging section can give you a start. It has aerials, short reviews and rack rates: www.hawaiirevealed.com

One suggestion to stretch a budget is to spend a week or so in a condo (no resort or parking fees; a kitchen; washer/dryer), then splash out at a resort hotel at the end.

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5. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Everyone heads to Maui in February due to the humpback whales. You will also be in Hawaii during a major holiday which translates into a 3 day weekend for most Americans. Get in your accommodations and a rental cars immediately.

Parasailing will only be found on Oahu in February. You will find more "party boats" off Waikiki on Oahu. Snorkeling will be better on Maui during this time of year.

You're time is short if you can squeeze another day or two would be nice but you can go to both these islands in your time frame and still have a magnificent time. Yes, fly into Oahu and home from Maui. It will save on inter-island air fare!!

There is only one Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel. Let us know your nightly budget.

For more info on Maui, it's best to post those questions on the Maui forum.

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6. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

A couple of points.....

1. The Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend is always the most expensive weekend of the year for Maui lodging; often having the most expensive room rates in the nation that week. So, book as early as possible if you are going to be in Maui at the end of your trip, or switch islands around.

2. It takes at most three to four hours to get from your accommodations on one island to the next...certainly not "half a day". Frankly, interisland travel is no big deal, particularly for young active folks....remember the average age of posters on these forum is probably well over 60 to whom every thing is a hassle.

3. Definitely visit two islands. Oahu and Maui are much different, and you will have a blast in Waikiki/Honolulu. Awesome food, great shopping, endless activities, the best beaches in the State, and a beautiful rural, green island once you leave the city.

4. Are you just asking about Hilton hotels in Waikiki in general? There are four in Waikiki, all of which have positives and negatives. Hilton Hawaiian Village is a huge urban resort complex with lots of pools, thousands of people and a bit removed from the central area. Hilton Waikiki Beach is in a less-intense part of the District, nicely upscale with great views. The Hilton Garden Inn is right in the middle of the action and was totally renovated a couple years ago.

5. Tell us what kind of food you like and we can give you an endless list of incredible places to eat on Oahu. Particularly ethnic Asian and local style.

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7. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

Thank you all for your feedback - I will definitely carve out several hours to go through all of the top posts in the Oahu and Maui forums during the next week, as I think that we are going to try and book within the next week or two.

We would like to keep our costs down to $200 or so a night. As of right now, the Hilton Waikiki Beach is $194 per night. The Old Wailuku Inn on Maui also looks to be around our budget as well - and close to all of the things we would like to do.

Amberloo - Any of the Hiltons would be fine. We honestly aren't picky about where we lay our head at night. Some place safe and clean, it doesn't need to be super fancy. We also are used to adventure vacations and hostels and sleeping in our car if we have to, so any place that we stay during this trip will be a great treat! We never go in to cities, so we won't mind the touristy/city feel of Honolulu, and will appreciate the more local-feel of Maui when we get there during the second half. As far as food goes - we would like to go to a Laua and also find food trucks if possible! We love fried fish, BBQ, and tacos, so anything that involves those things.

I should have prefaced my original post with this: I get 13 days of vacation/sick total a year and we will be trying to have kids as soon as we get back! (TMI?) So, using 6-7 vacation days is about as much as I am willing to spend with 11 months left to go after the honeymoon. We would go another weekend, but want to take advantage of the extra day off during President's Day. Believe me - if we could, we would go another time. For us, it's the only time that makes sense. :)

Thank you everyone for your feedback!

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8. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

We booked the Hilton Garden Inn for our trip to Oahu in November. I am not sure if the rates will be higher when you go but we got it for $160/night + tax (no resort fee). Parking is extra also if you will have a car. Sounds like it may fit your budget better than some other options.

It's not on the beach and more of a city hotel but for us it was a place to get some savings for our vacation, use some of my Hilton points and we feel we know what we are getting as I stay in these properties a lot on business. Plus it's recently renovated which I liked.

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9. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

If you are only going to use 6 or 7 days (nights?) ... stick to one Island. It will be a tough choice.

Amberloo's argument about how long it takes to transition between Islands is valid. Problem is ... we define "day" differently. In the future, I'll use "hours." And Amberloo can switch Islands with his his eyes closed! And probably fly the plane, too. He's a pro who has Island-hopped about a zillion (?) times.

And do you really want to stay in Wailuku? Do you know where it is? And where are the sights you want to see? Have you pulled them up on a map? Wailuku is definitely not a honeymoon destination.

You may want to post on the Island of Maui Forum at this point.

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10. Re: February 2018 Honeymoon - Oahu & Maui

I think you can make it work, but it will be a little crazy :-).

The Inn at Ulupono is a great place, but doesn't really lend itself to visitors who want to go to beaches and more 'popular' sites. At night it will be really, really quiet-like dead.

You might want to look for a condo in Kihei, Lahaina, Honokowai, or Kahana. Then you could have more "stuff" around nearby at night, and also be closer to the water.

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