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aha taxis

WORST CAB SERVICE MAKEMYTRIP ( we booked round trip delhi to manali) 1) makemytrip arranges cab services from different VENDORS, and doesn't has it's own cab services. We booked a cab for 8 days, round trip from delhi to manali. 2) the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, are not conveyed properly to the vendors. There are extra night charges of rs.250/night, if we use the cab POST 9PM TO 6AM, but the driver asked for all 8 nights charge, even when he was sleeping and not driving. 3) makemytrip FOOLS YOU, they gave us a package of 2000km in rs.17064, rs8.5/km, i confirmed with MR.ARJUN ( one of the employ in makemytrip cab customer care) if we could go from delhi to manali to kasol and then back to delhi, he said he has confirmed from the vendor AHA TAXIS, and yes we can go to kasol. but when time came, the driver refused to go kasol saying the cab is booked from delhi to manali and he will not go outside manali. now it is common sense that why would a tourist book 2000km for only manali? how can one cover 2000 km only in manali? i contacted MR.DHARMESH (another employ in mmt cab customer care) he took way too long to resolve our issue. PREBOOKING MMT SAID WE CAN GO OUTSIDE MANALI, POST BOOKING THEY REFUSED. 3) the driver we were provided was by AHA TAXI VENDOR, his name is ALOK YADAV or HARIOM , he had 2 names, we don't know which name is real, vehicle was SWIFT DEZIRE UP75AT5540, this driver was unexperienced for himachal roads, he didn't knew how to control his own vehicle, he couldn't pick up the vehicle in 1st gear on hilly area as well as on plain road, he was MENTALLY ILL, he HARASSED ME, i went with my brothers who were there to protect me, he once THREW ME IN A GUTTER while i was getting out of the cab he didn't stopped the cab and continued driving, he DROVE OVER MY BROTHER'S FOOT TWICE. he HARASSED us, we were all students and he SCARED US by driving in an inappropriate way to scare us. the driver was ill spoken and mentally unfit to be a driver. 4) the driver was not thorough of terms and condition neither was the vendor, mmt is at fault and it caused us way lot of trouble. 5)mmt sends UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS 6)mmt customer services are worst, each employ will give you different details, they themselves are not clear about terms and conditions. 7) once you pay advance 15% to makemytrip there role is done, they dont pay attention to you thereafter.