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Is Bangkok worth visiting?

Karachi, Pakistan
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Is Bangkok worth visiting?

I am planning to first travel to London then from there Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok and Phi Phi Islands. But is Thailand really worth the extra money that will cost to visit? Also, I’m not a fan of warm weather, beaches but I love food, shopping and luxury hotels. So what do you suggest should I add Thailand to my itinerary or keep it for next time?

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Leicester, United...
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1. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

You're thinking to visit Phi Phi but you say you are not a fan of beaches or warm weather. Doesn't make a lot of sense really?

Leicester, United...
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2. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

Is Bangkok worth visiting?

Ask one of the 20+ million who visit every year, more than visit London or Paris!

Chiang Mai
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3. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

Sounds like you have already answered your question. Thailand is hot almost year round, especially Bangkok and the southern islands. Or you could stay in a Bangkok hotel with air conditioning and then take air conditioned taxis to air conditioned restaurants and shopping malls. Sounds like fun ;-)

Cheshire, United...
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4. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

You already live in a hot country. But Thailand is more humid and has more jungle. Whenever you are indoors in Thailand there will be ceiling fans or airconditioning. When outdoors you can wear clothes of thinner material than you sometimes wear in Pakistan and walk on the shady side of the road, often under the awniings of shops. In taxis, minivans, and long distance buses there is airconditioning. Trains have open windows and fans in second class and cold airconditioning in first class. Shopping malls and supermarkets and even small 7- eleven shops and fast food places as well as hotels have air conditioning. If you stroll around in direct sunshine during midday and you are wearing heavy clothing you will feel hot, but you can cool off by going into a 7- eleven for a few minutes, and buy cold drinks from a fridge or an icecream.

Bangkok is a modern city and even has places with Indian vegetarian and halal food. In the far South of Thailand there is about ten percent Muslim people so you will find mosques and halal food there easily.

Nobody is forcing you to spend time on beaches so why do you want to go to Phi Phi island if you do not like beaches? Phi Phi is a small island with no cities or proper roads where accommodation is on beaches. People go there for partying, diving, snorkelling, swimming, boat trips to other islands and to taje photos of the scenery and yes, beaches ! So if you do not like beaches or hot weather maybe chose a city in a slightly cooler location such as Chiang Mai which is inland in the north of Thailand.

If you are worried about not having enough money, as you indicate, then bear in mind that Beijing, and Seoul may be more expensive than Thailand, ( depending where you stay) and Tokyo will most definitely be much more expensive! So do not blame high expense on Thailand unless you choose to only stay in four and five star hotels and only eat in expensive restaurants.

There are plenty of cheap Thai restaurants and non expensive guesthouses everywhere, but of course the cheapest ones are not on the internet because they get enough customers without advertising anywhere at all. Other cheap eating p!aces will be streetfood stalls with either no name or one only in Thai script.

It is your decision what interests you and what country you want to visit. If you like expensive cold countries then anywhere in Northern Europe may interest you. Welcome to Manchester if you like rain ! :-)

United Kingdom
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5. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

Not worth it, terrible place. If you don't like warm weather then Bangkok is not the place for you, it has one of the highest average temperatures in the world. Mind you it's probably cheaper than Tokyo and Beijing.

Olney, Maryland
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6. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

I was in Chiang Mai for five days a few weeks ago and would recommend it for food, culture, high end hotels, and shopping. I didn't make it to Bangkok on that trip but would very much recommend Chiang Mai. It is a wonderful city that is easy to get around both on foot and by public transportation. There is a street known for its silver shops and lots of shops with locally crafted items ranging from scarves to ceramics. The people there were very hospitable.

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Singapore, Singapore
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7. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

"food, shopping and luxury hotels"? Yes, Bangkok has those in abundance. But not Phi-Phi island.

Pawtucket, RI
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8. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

" I’m not a fan of warm weather, beaches..."


So skip Phi Phi!

BTW. All of Thailand has warm summertime type weather.

Bangkok has food, shopping and fancy hotels.

Florida - Alaska...
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for Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province
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9. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?

After shopping in London, Seoul, Tokyo, you will find Bangkok shopping to be rather blasé. Thailand does have awesome food and a fair selection of high end hotels, but you will have to find something to do when not eating.

Harbin, China
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for Kanchanaburi
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10. Re: Is Bangkok worth visiting?


Perhaps you should be asking yourself is it worth spending the money to visit Seoul and Tokyo. Bangkok is great for shopping. Some of the locally produced clothing in Bangkok is good value for money.

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