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Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

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Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall, Yangon International airport Terminal 2

We arrived at Yangon airport at 11.20am on 14/10/17. After getting through the immigration and collected our baggage, there were a few money changers just next to the baggage carousel. My husband and his friend noticed that this particular money changer gives better rates than a few others there. [1 USD to 1354 Kyats]. My husband changed 300USD while our friend changed 400USD.

My husband should get 81 pieces of 5,000 Kyat + 1 piece of 1,000 Kyat + 1 piece of 200 Kyat. Total kyats is 406,200 Kyats. The lady at the counter put the notes in the counting machine which was below the counter with the digital display above the counter. The digital display indicated 81 pieces of 5,000 Kyats, and together with the 1,000kyat (1) and 200 kyat (1), she tied the notes and handed them to my husband. The same goes with our friend who was supposed to get 108 pieces of 5,000kyats. Both my husband and our friend trusted the lady at the money changer and pocketed the notes without asking for receipts.

Upon reaching the hotel and after counting both stacks of Kyats, both my husband and our friend realised that we were cheated by the money changer. My husband got short of 25 pieces of 5,000 Kyats note and our friend was short of 23 pieces of 5,000 Kyats note. This means that the counting machine is inaccurate or she may have left some notes on the machine when she handed the money to us.

The owner of the hotel advised us to go back to the airport to report this matter. Upon reaching the airport, we managed to convince to security guard manning the entrance to let us into the arrival hall. When we confronted the lady at the money changer counter, she denied that she has short changed us. I demanded to see the CCTV behind her but she said that it was spoilt. Only after I threatened to get a police to see the CCTV, she felt scared and finally relented and returned both our money.

Don’t ever trust anyone. Count the money carefully before leaving the money changer counter.

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11. Re: Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

Are 5000 kyat notes the largest in common circulation? I find China to be inconvenient with its 100rmb note being the largest, but that's still US$15 - a lot more than 5000kyat.

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12. Re: Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

10,000 Note is largest.

@Poon C, I just mentioned few thoughts I had. That's all. Thanks for your share. Good luck next time. :)


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13. Re: Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

Here's what happened to my friend:

I arrived in Yangon airport from Belgium through Kuala Lumpur after a 20 hours journey approximately. I went to the GMoney money-changer counter, still within the section of the airport arrival hall where the luggage belts are located, with access restricted to passengers. They were proposing the best rates, and I asked whether they could change 200€ at the rate indicated on their board (1€=1,645 Kyats). They told me yes. Then they showed me the number 312,550 on a calculator and asked me if I was ok with that. I asked again whether the rate of 1€=1645 Kyats had been applied and they answered “yes”. So I said ok. They gave me a bundle of cash but no receipt.

After returning home however, I wanted to check whether the number of 312,550 I had quickly written down on a piece of paper was right, and I saw that it should have been 329,000. Then I counted the notes they had given me and found out they had only given me 252,500 Kyats, about 70,000 short of what I should have received.

The next day, I went back to the airport and went straight to the police. With the help of a woman from the tourist information desk who spoke an excellent English, I told the whole story in detail to the police officer. Having made up his mind, the police officer went to the money-changer and said only two sentences in Burmese, showing the amount scribbled on my piece of paper, then just walked away and waited. Visibly embarrassed, the two people (a man and a woman – the same as the day before I think) discussed a few minutes, and then gave me back 200 euros. I said that I didn’t have the 252,500 Kyats anymore, since I had spent some money already. They told me to change it at another counter, where the right amount of money at the rate of 1€ = 1612 Kyats was given to me. Finally I gave them back the amount in Kyats that they had first given me.

At the request of the woman from the information desk, I also gave a written statement with my name and details.

With a friend of mine, we checked later on the Internet and found out it was not the first case this money-changer had cheated foreigners, and that other people had already complained at the airport. That explains maybe why I could get the money back so easily with the help of the police.

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14. Re: Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon


Do note there is only a G exchange airside at T2

At T1 all Banks are land side and there are no reports of similar scams that I know of. I always use KBZ booth.



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15. Re: Beware of “G.money” money changer at the arrival hall Yangon

You should have calculated how much you should have been getting . They did say are you ok with 312,000!!! Easy to multiply 1645 by 2!!!

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