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16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

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16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

Hi, Im 16 and have a UK provisional licence that enables me to ride a scooter legally in the uk, i am travelling to Bali with my father in august and i wanted to know if it would be possible to rent a scooter? I REALLY want to rent one as its the best way to get around the island i have done quite a lot of research on this and everything i see says that the scooter rental place would rent it to me (regardless of age) just because they do anything for money, is that true?

Secondly what will police do if they catch me? Should i go to the police station when i arrive to apply for a license because i cannot apply for an international license as i am not 18.

Would love some advice if possible! :-)

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Bengaluru, India
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1. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

I would advice against riding.

You are newbie rider from 1st world country - traffic is not as disciplined in Bali as you think. New riders can rider well no doubt but the instinct is developed over time.

Let this opportunity go for bigger and better in future.

Easy solution - you can ride pillion with your father. May be rider short distances in areas with minimal traffic.

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2. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

Thank you for your advice however that's not what i asked, i wouldn't of posted this if i don't feel comfortable riding and its not like i will be driving at crazy speeds, i have been riding my scooter now for enough time to have the exact same knowledge as a car driver that's never ridden a scooter possibly even more.

I will be fine (That is if i am allowed to ride one in the end)

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3. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

The simple answer to your question is NO. You cannot ride legally unless you have an IDP.

Capalaba, Australia
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4. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

Not to mention that your travel insurance won’t cover you if/when you have an accident.

I’ve been riding bikes in AU for years but still wouldn’t ride in Bali

Mortdale, Australia
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5. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

IT IS ILLEGAL!! If you get pulled over by police you will be expected to pay a bribe in most but not all cases. If anything happens travel insurance wont cover you...and who will fit a medical bill? Hopefully youre Dad has more sense than to allow you to hire a bike.

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6. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

No, No No!!! I have teenagers and there is no way I would let them ride in Bali. You have never driven there, it can be absolute chaos Are you travelling with your parents? Last year a young Aussie boy died and another girl seriously injured You will read this and probably think I sound like an old dragon ( that’s what my kids call me) but I hope you decide not to and leave it till later x

Ballina, Australia
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for Pemuteran, Bali
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7. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

Hi Xexode, Makes no difference even if you have a full motorbike license or not. You MUST be minimum 17 years old to drive/ride a motorbike in Bali.

You MUST have an IDP with the motorbike section stamped.

There is not longer any tourist bike license available which you could not get anyway (under 17years).

Will a bike rental company rent you a bike?.....probably an unethical one will.

Will you be caught by the police?....probably more than once. Penalty could be 4 months in prison and or 1 million rupiah fine, although that rarely happens.

No insurance company will cover you in case of accident, you fault or not. Riding illegally, it will always be your fault.

Good that you asked the question, hopefully you take note of the consequences.

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

This is a recent post by a very experienced rider who was properly licensed and very familiar with riding in Bali. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowTopic-g29…

The least of your worries will be getting caught out by the police. It doesn't matter how confident you might feel riding at home, you cannot guarantee that you will not have an accident. If your insurance doesn't cover you, your family will be paying out a fortune for your medical treatment. Think about that. Also think about the stress your Dad will wear having to deal with this (and police intervention) in a country you've not visited before.

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

What Lyyne says is correct.

Many people of all ages rent without a licence, but when it goes wrong you can be dead, permantly injured/scared or in debt of 10000s £.

I ride there all the time and its eyes wide open all the time, tread your own path.

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10. Re: 16 Year old riding scooter in Bali?

I think you can ride there. Riding in Ubud is dangerous and confusing though, if you are not familiar, because there are so many small allies. Some of them are one way and you can get caught by polices. My bf even got confused a few times, though he went there up to 10 times already, and police caught us. But, like in some other countries, some polices there accept money under the table... Driving motorcycle outside of Ubud towards waterfall and other attractions is recommended if you make sure to drive safely.

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