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Booking Last-Minute Cruise in December (Holiday season)

Hello all,

My wife and I are planning to visit Galapagos in December. We would live on the 21st and return on January 2nd. We're interested in a northwest itinerary and we can't wait! There is a lot of information about booking last minute cruises and it doesn't seem all that risky, EXCEPT that we're planning to go in December around Xmas and NYE. So, hopefully you could help me with the questions below

1) Is it risky to wait to book last minute trips in December (holiday season)?

2) We're planning to spend US$1,500 per person for a minimum of 5D/4N trip. Are we being unrealistic?

3) Any thoughts on booking in Quito vs waiting to book it in Baltra?

4) Anyone who's done last minute cruise trips - how did you manage hotel reservations? Do I also wait until I get there to book it? We will probably have 10 days at the island, but I'm not entirely sure when the cruise trip would actually start?

Any help is appreciated.