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Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

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Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

Unfortunately not good news. After spending the day last Friday researching prices for the Westin in Dubai for around July/August time, I received the best quote from Best at Travel. I had not used them before but they seem to have plenty of recommendations on this site. They gave me a good quote and when I called back to check absolutely the dates, flights and prices before I submitted my holiday time at work; they confirmed everything was the same as the first time I had called them a few hours earlier. I asked if they would hold the flights utnil I received confirmation from work, as my holiday dates have to be scheduled. They confirmed that I could call back the following morning and everything would be ok as there was plenty of availability. When I called at 10.00 the following morning to pay for the holiday Bestat said that I must be mistaken and the price was a further £70 per person. Whenn I gave all the flight details etc. they said it must be an operator mistake, but that I would still have to pay the extra.

Needless to say I did not make the booking with them, and feel angry that so much time was wasted when I had gone to every effort to ensure that all details were correct.

If I had received good service I would have passed it on and recommended them on this site. Unfortunately this definitely was not the case.

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1. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

It is funny how for some, best at seem great, but I must say when I called them when I was getting my quotes for the Westin, I found the 2 operators I dealt with to be rather curt, and dismissive and made me feel like I was lying about better prices that I had been quoted.

Needless to say I booked with Destinolgy and have had written confirmation through of the price Best At said could not possibly be correct and it's all booked.

Well Best at if you are reading it was correct! They beat you by over £300.

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2. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai



I am sorry to hear your problems with Best@travel, I can only praise them myself, i used them afterrecommendations on here, and where Dream ticket and lets go2 told me i couldnt have the dates i wanted, nor the flights, best@travel got me everything i wanted including direct flights for around £300 less than Dream ticket has quoted.

The guy I spoke to at Lets go 2 was so rude, I didnt even get to tell him what i wanted before he told me it wasnt available!

I would say, i learnt a long while ago not to hang about if i want a particulr offer, as the good ones go like hot cakes, but that does not excuse rudeness.

I'm sure your holiday wont reflect the trouble it was to book!

have a great time!

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3. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

I am sorry to read of your experience with best at travel. I use them every time and I use the same person Kay every time. Therefore we have established a "link" and I trust that she does her best for us.

Who did you speak with at Best?

I have had issues with quotes from Destinology before though.

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4. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

If you decide to book flights and hotel separately try Southtravels or www.firstclasstravel.de for hotels - both price in dollars and have great rates. We have used both several times and recommend either.

Good Luck


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5. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Best@Travel, they let you down very badly.

I can only go by my own experience with them and they have always been very professional, we have used them for the last 5 years without any problems.

I don't blame you for going Destinology, at least you are know booked and happy with everything, hope you enjoy Dubai.

harlow, uk
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6. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

have to agree with the poster who said that Lets Go 2 were rubbish. the guy i spoke with was so rude and arrogant i told him to shove it and put the phone down

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7. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

Sorry to hear that lifeofluxury but am glad you have got booked up.Maybe Best@ have got so many bookings for the Westin they are fed up with it!!!

I was also told my flights carried a supplement when I went back to confirm so there was an additional £40 to pay but wasn't too bothered at that as price was still good.

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8. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

I have used Best@. I was happy with them but I can understand why some people might find them off putting. They do appear to be rather curt and in your face when you speak on the phone to them. I suspect its the work environment that leads to the atmosphere, a busy call centre.

My view is the bottom line. Who gives me the best deal. I have spoken to tarvel agents who are lovely, chatty and charge twice as much!!

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9. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with best at - I like other posters have always found them to be excellent. I also have to ring back after checking dates and I have never experienced this problem - I always ask for Monica. Perhaps you got a new recruit when you called?

england warwickshire
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10. Re: Bad Experience with Best at Travel - Westin, Dubai

i have booked my holiday with best@ 4 the 7th june mina salam. i found they was ok i got my tickets within a wk of booking my holiday even though they said i wud get them 2 wks b4 travel

the only thing i didnt like they was talkative