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WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

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WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

Dear fellow travellers!

Be careful and learn from my mistake!

I believe that there is a huge maffia in Delhi contains most of taxi and tuktuk drivers, security guard, Kashmir travel agents and maybe also police.

We were silly to not get properly prepared and we trusted to Indian people.

They get us scared they pushed us to sign a contract and purchased a trip what cost incredibly lot.

Then they took us to a taxi with an Indian driver. He told us from the beginning he expect the high tips usually 5000 Rupees.

Then instead of taking us nice places like temples, forts or cheap markets... he took us to budget hotels without hot water or wifi. Also we had to go to jewellery and clothes factories where everybody wanted to pull out our last pennies.

This holiday cost us a fortune and all we took home are bad experiences, nightmare and disappointment.

If this is the real India, then we never ever...

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1. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

I'm very sorry that this happened to you. And you're right: there are many people in Delhi, or India, or most other poor countries that want to rip you off. But no, there is no big mafia. I have traveled to Delhi about a dozen times in the past ten years, I have friends there, three of them are tuk tuk drivers, one of them works in a local travel agency. They're not trying to steal from anyone, they're trying to make a living.

I don't know which travel agency you are talking about, but if you go to a company anywhere in the world without being prepared, without being informed, and let yourself being pushed into signing a contract without any guarantees, I guess you risk being cheated as well.

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2. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

I feel sorry for you my friend and I am totally agreed with @ClemRobyns.

Next time book your tour from a well-organized tour company and read their itinerary, pricing etc. it will reduce your risk of being cheated from any country.

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3. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

If it would be only the agency whom rip us off, then I would agree with you.

However in our last 10 days there was NO one single person whom didn't want to take money from our pocket.

Just for an example: Yesterday afternoon we arrived back to Mumbai. We had to change terminals. I didn't want to be ripped off again so I went to Meru prepaid taxi desk. I asked how much will cost to go to the other terminal what is less then 5km and 20 minutes. He said it will be max 220 Rupees. We paid for him 100 Rupees in advance and suppose to pay other 120 to the taxi driver.

When we arrived to the terminal the taxi driver asked 300 Rupees. When I complained about it was not the quote we got, he started to complain about the ticket desk as he said they lied for us.

It's not for the money but the moral thing. And that was happened with us during all of our holiday.

And we didn't talk about yet the MUST Be given tips...

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Thane, India
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4. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

Sorry to hear this from you. Yes this is happening in and around India. The complete system is in shambles. Foreigners are soft targets for such agents or taxi drivers. They try to blackmail you or maybe force you to buy things from a particular shop so they later get a commission as well. This is happening everywhere and there is hardly and scope of improvement. Best we can do is to avoid local stupid agencies or do some basic research about distances or charges. another thing which can be simply done is Object and say NO.

I would just say that take a chance one more time and experience the real India with Culture, Morality, Temples, colours, Kindness and smiles.. Hope you have a lovely time on your next visit to India .

Good Luck

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5. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

Yes, this does happen. You can find these stories on trip advisor and elsewhere, but this is not the real India. Go back, experienced, try again and, most of all, stray a little away from the tourist zones to places just as interesting, but with more kindness and less greed.

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6. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

Sorry to be cynical, I wonder what the agenda of this first time poster is. He/she claims to be from the UK, but the way the english language is used is a giveaway. Also I find it hard to believe anyone could be as naive as this...

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7. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

Here Here Zauberberg! Totally agree with you...

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8. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

I am in old delhi right this now, lying in my bed and listening to the wonderful mixture of sounds coming into my hotel room from the open window. Everthing is amazing here, love it. Yesterday i fed 75 poor homeless scruffy ones, and loved every bit.

Use your brains when travelling..

Love and peace.....this is my first visit to india

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9. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

What I find amazing here Zauberberg, is that all these people seem to find TA forums after they have been scammed/conned. Surprised that no one seemingly bothers to google about common scams or info about a country they are stepping into the first time, before they travel.

And also agree, some of these reviewers are dubious at best, that's not to say they are all fake. But as we know, personal vendettas and agendas are not uncommon on these forums.

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Mumbai, India
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10. Re: WARNING! Never trust a travel agent in Delhi!

If the OP narrates in a proper chronological order the events others can be warned. For example he can start with the name of the hotel he stayed. Was he conned there ? Did he have an itinerary planned and Did he ask them for advice on how to go about it. Regarding getting ripped off at shops where you are led to - it is a trap well known and you should have the firmness to extricate yourself whatever the pressure. Tourist traps are there across the world , only the modus operandi differs.

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