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Camping in Spiti Valley


I am travelling with a group comprising 14 friends. We will reach Manali on 18th June,2018 in the morning. We have rented 7 bikes for our time in Himachal i.e. 18th to 24th June. We have booked a stay in Manali for 18th and 19th. On 20th we will be leaving for Chandratal Lake. We are carrying our own tents and sleeping bags. On 21st, we will leave for Kaza and spend the rest of 21 and 22 in and around kaza. on 23rd we will leave for chandratal in the afternoon and stay the night around chandratal. On 24th.. we will leave for Manali and reach there by noon. Our return bus to Delhi is on 24th June at 8 PM.

My Questions are as follows:-

1 How is this itinerary ? What would be your suggestions on this ?

2 Which are the must see places in Spiti considering we are having limited time period only in Spiti ?

3 How would you rate camping on our own in Spiti ?

4 Which are the places we should camp at on 20,21,22 and 23 respectively ? This is huge for us as we have no idea whatsoever about camping in Spiti Valley ?

5 As our's is a large group, what would be you general suggestions for stay and food etc ?

6 What are some basic rules and guidelines for travelling in Spiti ?

Basically, i am asking you to plan our stay in Spiti... thats a huge ask.. but i would really appreciate your help on this one. Our trip will be messed up without proper guidance !!