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12 days 11 nights London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels

I'm currently planning my first trip to Europe with my family (parents w/ 21yo & 17yo) over the Christmas vacation. We are flying from Manila, Philippines.

DEC 22-24 Amsterdam [2NIGHTS]

DEC 24 Take a train from Amsterdam to London (we want to stop over in Brussels for a few hrs)

DEC 24-DEC 28 London [4NIGHTS]

DEC 28 Take a train from London to Paris

DEC 28-JAN 1 or 2 PARIS [4/5NIGHTS]

Is this itinerary okay and possible? Our dates are a bit flexible but we want to be in London for Christmas and boxing day. Our initial plan was only London and Paris for 10-12 days, is that a better option than this? We're okay with skipping Brussels if it's too hassle to squeeze in.

Are train tickets more expensive around this time of the year compared to the usual 50 euros? How are the trains like? Any suggestions?