First time Visiting Scotland, any suggestions?

Greetings! My husband and I are traveling to Scotland in September-end of the month for a week. Our private tour begins and ends in Glasgow. The itinerary is very flexible, and we will be traveling to Inverness, and Isle of Harris and Lewis, Skye, just to name a few destinations. I recognize our tour guide (his company) is expensive, but this is how we have chosen to travel. I'd like to bring some small gifts for our hosts at some of the Inns we will seek lodging (all reservations have been made). Any ideas? Also, I understand tipping is a little different, and I have read lots and lots of posts on this topic. We'll NOT tip the barman. We will tip the server of food. We will tip the taxi driver that brings us to our hotel the first night, and even though our hotel the last night offers a free shuttle service, we will tip that driver, as well. I'm more interested in showing a gesture of kindness and thanks to folks that help us, or serve us on our journey. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!