4th of July: Best day hike & other activities


My wife and I will be in bethel for the 4th of July, as well as the following day on the 5th. We'll be driving in from Boston on the 4th, likely to arrive around noon. We'll be staying at the Mill Hill Inn.

Our plan was to check out covered bridge and frenchmen's hole area on the 4th -- and then do an adventurous day hike the following day on the 5h. I have two questions:

1) what activities or things to do are in town on the 4th? Anything festive?

2) what is the best hike to do the following day? We were looking closely at Caribou Mountain VS Speckeled Mountain. Thoughts? My wife and I are pretty good shape and can handle a 5hr hike.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks much!