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Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

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Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Saturday, July 8th

Leaving Campobello Island, New Brunswick Canada

Bungled Moose Sighting

A Stop @ Fort Knox Observatory

Where is Perry's Nut House?

Cap'N Fish's Waterfront Inn

Ports of Italy

Sunset Views

Background: The Mr. & I both 55

Prior to Campobello Island we had been in Bar Harbor for four wonderful nights. If interested, you can read about that part of our trip here:


We started our drive to Boothbay Harbor about twelve noon. We'd been on Campobello Island the night before. If you are interested in reading about our experiences there you can do so here:


When we got to Machias we stopped for gas, snacks, and sodas. The Mr. got some cheese crackers and I bought some of those puffy Cheetos. We continue on our way and I'm happily reading my book, munching on Cheetos, and sipping my Diet Coke when the Mr. suddenly pulls over. There stands a moose with her calf. Now, if you've read my Bar Harbor trip report, you know the Mr. was really hoping to see a moose. Friends on Facebook who'd been to Maine before said, “Yeah. Good luck with that!” But there she is standing. There are two other vehicles pulled over and the Mr. is shouting at me, “Take a picture! Take a picture!”. Well, I have the new iPhone 7S. In fact, I just got it in June. It is best unlocked by my finger print. Nifty huh? Well not if your finger is covered in Cheetos dust and your husband is hollering, “Hurry, take a pic!” By the time I got my phone unlocked the mama moose and her baby were in full retreat. I managed to get a picture of their running backsides. After blowing it up, a few times you can tell it's moose and her baby. It makes the Mr. happy to know he saw it. He'd be happier if I'd taken a better pic.

We continue on. I'm still reading and by now, I've finished the Cheetos. He says something about a bridge. I'm not really paying much attention. Then as we are crossing over it, I realize it is the Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory I'd read about a few times while doing my trip research. I had no idea we'd pass over it. Cool, huh? We stopped and took a picture of the bridge and the all important 'selfie' with the bridge in the background.

We continue on our way. When we get to Belfast I tell the Mr. we need to stop at Perry's Nut House. So, we put it into our GPS, but we never could find it. We turned around more then once. Also more then once the GPS lady announced 'arrived' but we never could see it. I have no idea what we did wrong. I guess Perry's Nut House goes on the 'unfinished business list' in Maine.

Eventually we found our way to Boothbay Harbor. We were so ready to get out of the car. Our GPS had also taken us on what appeared to be 'longer then necessary' routes from time to time, so we were tired of sitting!

I had booked Cap'n Fish's Waterfront Inn (63 Atlantic Ave) based on price, location, reviews, and the gorgeous waterfront views. We were not disappointed with our stay. If you'd like to read my review, you can do so here:


After getting settled into our room, the Mr. and I were ready to find something to eat. We took the car, because we had a couple of other stops to make after dinner. For some strange reason sometime in the midst of travel I something 'homey'. Spaghetti sounded good so we ended up in Ports of Italy (47 Commercial St.) Although we didn't have a reservation, it was early and we were seated. The Mr. and I both ordered the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese ($21). I had a peach Bellini and he had a glass of wine. For dessert we shared the Strudel Di Mele ($9). It turned out to be a kind of pricey craving @ $97.28 including tip. It did hit the spot and the service was nice, so no complaints.

After that we went in search of a laundromat. We were quickly running out of clothes. We found both a laundromat and the local Hannaford's. While we were there we should have bought laundry detergent and gotten some quarters but we did not. We did get beer. After that we went back to our room. Room #39 was at the edge of the building and right outside our door were chairs perfect for sipping an adult beverage and taking in the gorgeous views. The Mr. and I sigh with contentment. This is why we work. This is why we save. This is why I spend months researching our trips. The payoffs are moments like these. Life is good. After the sun goes down we go back into our room. This is going to sound crazy, but we haven't had a television in any of the rooms we've stayed in the last week. We are the kind of people who sleep with the t.v. on so we have kind of missed the noise. We fall asleep happy for more reasons then one.

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1. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Italian Food?

I thought I was going to be ready about a dang Clambake. Maybe they couldn't find their Clambake reservation because of cheeto dust on the phone? I am on the edge of my seat in suspense, wondering if we are going to get a Clambake report or just more pasta.

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2. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Hi Tom. I wanted to make the clambake reservation but also wanted the flexibility of not having to rush between Campobello Island & Boothbay Harbor. The boat departed @ 5:00 for Cabbage Island.

So... sad to say there's no clambake report. I promise more good stuff and no more spaghetti!

Thanks for reading! :)

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3. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

So glad you were able to see a moose even if you weren't able to get a great photo. Our first sighting was while hiking in Baxter State Park a few years ago. It was a large bull, and we had to wait for him so we could continue on the hike. My photo is a large dark blur, but we included it in the album, and always smile when we see it.

We would like to include Boothbay on one of our Maine visits. We are adding Lubec to our Bar Harbor visit next year. I'm enjoying your reports each morning with coffee:)

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4. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

You saw a moose alongside the road! With or without a good picture, most people don't get that experience, especially Down East.

We always think we will try Ports of Italy, but once we're in Boothbay, it's pretty much non-stop seafood. We were in Boothbay Harbor the same weekend, so I am looking forward to the rest of your report.

Mid Coast Maine...
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5. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

As an ex-NYer, I was very skeptical to try Ports of Italy the first time....but they did not disappoint. Be sure to save room for their homemade amaretto! I usually eat there in the off season when practically all the seafood places have closed......usually when I go to Gardens Aglow at the Botanical Gardens. They also have a sister restaurant in Kennebunkport.

BTW teacher91.....you write wonderful trip reports!

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6. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Thank you all for reading along!

TravPa & CB, the Mr. was so excited about seeing the moose. Even if I didn't get the perfect pic, he says, he saw a moose and that's something he'll never forget. I guess we were lucky!

Sailorgirl, I am sorry we missed the amaretto. I love that flavor. :) A margarita with amaretto is amazing as is the Blue Ice Cream flavor Bride's Cake. It is the amaretto that makes it special.

I have our Sunday coming up.

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7. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Sunday, July 9th

Beauty Rest


Coastal Maine Gift Shop

Gathering Supplies

Kennebec River Cruise

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Domestic Chores

Hot dogs by the Foot Bridge

I don't know what it is about Maine, but I can sure sleep there! The Mr. is up bright and early (7:00ish) because he wants to get our laundry done. This is the halfway point of our trip and we are running out of clean clothes. I on the other hand sleep until 9:00. I never sleep that late. When I do get up he's a tad put out with me. I start my 'get ready process' but he just wants to go 'ugly' and come back afterwards to get dressed. We have our Kennebec River Cruise with Cap'n Fish at 1:10. I don't want to chance not being ready. Plus we also need to eat before we go. We definitely can't miss any meals. Oh. The horror!

We finally agree that doing the laundry this morning is probably a bad idea. We are getting a late start and we have zero prep work done or supplies on hand. We decide to postpone the chore until either this evening or tomorrow morning. Harmony is restored. Good. Now let's eat. :)

We walk the Footbridge (est in 1901) to the other side of Boothbay Harbor. I had a few notes in my itinerary about places to eat breakfast and we elect to go to Waves (43 Commercial St.)

It's a good thing it's Sunday otherwise breakfast would probably be over since we've gotten such a late start.

Waves is a TINY place with less then 20 tables. Some are better then others. We ended up with a very small table for two, which meant I had to hold my purse on my lap. We both ordered the Ebb Tide which included eggs (any style), bacon (or sausage), home fries, & French toast (us), or pancakes, plus coffee. This came out on two plates. I was worried where we'd put everything, but by moving our drinks to the ledge beside us, we were able to make room. This was a delicious breakfast. Everything was piping hot. The home fries were probably the best I've ever had. This is high praise because believe me, I've never met a potato I didn't like. :D The cost with tip was a very reasonable $37.62 and it set us up for the whole day. We'd eat here again, but next time we would just wait for a larger table. :)

As we were leaving, we drifted into the Coastal Maine Gift Shop. They had hoodies on the sidewalk for $10.00. I picked one up. The Mr. browsed the sales section of some t-shirts and got him one. At the check-out counter I picked up some 'gummy lobsters' for our grandchildren. Would you believe all of this was just $17.92? Wow. This was a real bargain. In Bar Harbor we were also pleasantly surprised how reasonable the t-shirts and sweatshirts were.

After that we walk back to our room, leave the shopping bag behind, and head to the Dollar Store where we buy a collapsible laundry hamper and some laundry detergent. Our original plan was to buy a laundry basket. We couldn't take it home with us, but we needed something to carry all the dirty clothes in. The collapsible laundry hamper turned out to be the perfect solution. After that we stop in the laundromat to figure out the prices and make a mental calculation of how many quarters we will need. I go ahead and get $20.00 worth. Now we are set. Whenever we decide to do laundry we have everything we need. I suggest we do it tonight. The Mr. isn't ready to commit to tonight. He's thinking in the morning. I point out that if we do it tonight, we won't be 'under the gun' in the morning to get up and out. He finally agrees my plan is better. Well. Yeah.

Earlier on our breakfast walk, we had found the departure point for Cap'n Fish's Kennebec River Cruise and also scoped out some possible parking places. We had other plans for after our cruise, so we needed the car nearby. We found a place that allowed us to park for $5.00 for the entire day. We decided to just sit at the pier and wait until it was time to board. I people watched, called my mother, and the Mr. browsed around. He checked to see if there was any way we could work in a Clam Bake on Cabbage Island, but there wasn't. I already knew that. We had done something similar in Boston one year on Spectacle Island, so we decided we'd have to be content with that experience for now.

Cap'n Fish's Kennebec River Cruise is 44 miles round trip and absolutely fabulous! Our boat captain was knowledgeable and we learned a lot about the Kennebec River, the Sheepscot River, and how they intersect with the Atlantic Ocean. My favorite part of the cruise was seeing all the lighthouses. For the Mr. it was seeing Bath Iron Works. His son (my step-son) is currently serving in Mediterranean with the US Navy. His ship was built at Bath Iron Works in 1986. The Captain explained how ships are actually partly constructed in the water plus a few other points I can't remember.

The views along the river were gorgeous. The weather was perfect. Even though I'd brought a jacket I didn't really need it, but one time for a brief period. The Mr. got sunburned. We really enjoyed this tour and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who enjoys being on the water and/or seeing and learning new things. We thought our $38.00 per person was money well spent.

After we disembarked, we went into a little ice cream place by the pier. The Mr. got a wild blueberry and I had vanilla. I wish I remembered the name of the place, but since I neither snapped a picture or paid with my credit card, I have no reference to look back on. Anyway, this ice cream was organic, homemade, and fabulous! The Mr. and I love ice cream so we would know. :)

Our next stop is the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (3115 Bristol Rd)

Since the hours were 9:00 to 5:00, I really didn't see how we could get there in time for the tour (our river cruise ended at 4:10), but I figured we could at least walk around the grounds and take some pictures of the lighthouse. My research revealed that this is the lighthouse that was used on the Maine quarter. It's shortly after 5:00 when we arrive, but I note that the door to the lighthouse is still open. I don't even have time to alert the Mr. who is wandering around, taking pics. I make a beeline for the door and manage to “sneak” in just before the man closes the door. Hmm. I know the Mr. doesn't know where I am, but I don't dare leave for fear I won't get back in. They allow groups of four to go up to see the light and the view. While the rest of us wait our turn, a docent tells the history of the lighthouse, lighthouses in general, and how they work. At some point the door opens. It's the Mr. The lady docent graciously allows him to come in since he's my husband. I guess someone spots him going in and the door opens again, this time it's two ladies. They too are allowed to come in. The male docent says something to the effect that they are really closed, but the lady doesn't seem to mind. Our wait and the talk continues. Then the door opens again. It's two more, but these are with the original two who were there when I first walked in. The male docent says, “I hope you are all planning to make a nice donation.” He then leaves. I think he has somewhere to go. Going up into the lighthouse requires climbing up a spiral staircase and then a ladder. Coming down is somewhat tricky because everything has to be done backwards. We are up there with the two ladies who came in after the Mr. We didn't want the original two plus the new two to get split up, so we allowed them to go before us. Anyway, the view was spectacular, but the space was somewhat limited so we had to carefully maneuver around each other. The star of the climb was of course the lighthouse lens. After just a few minutes, our curiosity was satisfied about the workings of a lighthouse and we carefully made our way down.

We bought a Pemaquid Lighthouse magnet for our collection, made a nice donation, and thanked the lady docent for allowing us to go up. It was an unexpected treat!

After that we went back to my original plan and walked the grounds and took lots of great pics. I love the one with the Mr. and I and the lighthouse in the background.

The Mr. really needed to go to the restroom, but they were locked up for the night, so we headed back to Boothbay Harbor. We tried stopping a couple of times so he could use the restroom in a convenience store (he was going to buy us cold drinks) but they were either closed, closing, or didn't have a restroom. I won't tell you what his solution was. :)

Once back in Boothbay Harbor, we go to our room, sort our laundry, and head to the laundromat. I haven't had many experiences with laundromats, but this was a nice one. We were able to wash and dry everything in a little more then an hour. We loved the collapsible laundry hamper we bought and will be taking it on future vacations when we know we will have to wash clothes along the way. Our extra detergent was gifted to a young man who was in there doing his laundry. It worked out great and we were happy to once again have a suitcase full of clean clothes.

After that, we make one more stop. We park near the little hot dog place at the foot of the footbridge we had crossed earlier in the day. We each grab a hot dog and call it dinner. Had the whoopie pie place been open we'd have gotten one of those too. We discovered whoopie pies in Bar Harbor and wanted more. Those things are delicious and addicting!

By now it's dark. Even though we started out being lazy, our day had been packed with fun, information, and productivity! We head to our room and make preparations for bed, then watch a little t.v.

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8. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

I think the tiny ice cream place was Finn McCool's, they sell ice cream from Stone Fox Farm which is a real mom n pop success story, they started out selling at farmer's markets a few years ago and now are in shops and markets all over the state. In Bar Harbor it's sold at the Naked Blueberry. Good stuff! Your palate is batting a thousand.

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9. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

Hm-m-m. Still no seafood in Boothbay Harbor. This may be a record. :-)

I hear you about the tables at Waves. We love it when we can score a window seat, both for the room and the people-watching!

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10. Re: Our Maine Stay: A Trip Report - July 2nd - 15th

For my 11th birthday, my aunt ( with whom I spent the month at her farm in Greenville ) took me to Boothbay Harbor including a stop at Perry's Nut House! The next day back in Greenville we went out to one of the ponds and spotted two moose.

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